OMSM 100% Pure Cotton Pads – 222ct Ultra Soft Makeup Remover and Facial Pads



Gently remove every trace of makeup while caring for your skin with OMSM 100% Pure Cotton Pads. Each pad features an ultra-soft 3-layer cotton design that cleans without irritation. The 222 count resealable bag provides a bounty of lint-free cotton squares for beauty and skincare routines.

These oval cotton pads are crafted entirely from pure cotton for super soft comfort. The tight, even weave ensures consistency and absorbency in every swipe. Three smart layers work together to care for your skin:

Outer Smooth Layer: Glides gently over the skin, great for applying toners and serums.
Middle Absorbent Layer: Locks in moisture and removes makeup/dirt.
Inner Textured Layer: Exfoliates lightly while polishing away residue.

Simply wet a cotton pad with makeup remover, micellar water, or toner and sweep it over your face. The soft cotton fibers instantly lift away makeup and impurities without tugging or irritation. Use the textured side for extra exfoliation to reveal smooth, glowing skin.

The pure cotton is completely hypoallergenic and free of bleaches, dyes, or chemicals. It’s ideal for sensitive skin or eyes. Gently remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner without rubbing. Sweep pads over closed eyelids to dissolve eye makeup and refresh tired eyes.

Each pad is generously sized (5.9 x 2.76 inches) to remove makeup from the entire face and neck efficiently. Stock up on this 222 count bag so you never run out! The convenient resealable bag protects the cotton pads from contamination.

Use OMSM Cotton Pads For:

Removing makeup and nail polish
Cleansing and toning skin
Applying serums, oils, micellar water
DIY compressed face masks
Cleaning jewelry and valuables
Crafting and quilting projects
Give your skin the soft, gentle care it deserves. Choose OMSM 100% Pure Cotton Pads for a makeup remover that cleans down to the pores without dryness or irritation. The handy 222 count resealable bag stashes neatly in cabinets or luggage for beauty routines anywhere.


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