OMIRO Extra Large Black Hand Mirror – Versatile 9″x12″ for Home & Salon



The OMIRO Extra Large Hand Mirror provides a generously sized reflective surface for all your grooming and beauty needs. At 9” wide by 12.4” tall, the black plastic mirror is ideal for detailed work like makeup application, facial hair removal, and hair styling.

The sleek rounded rectangle design features clean lines and a slim profile. A built-in handle allows for comfortable handheld use. Or utilize the integrated hanger and hang the mirror on the wall at home or in your salon station.

Whichever way you use it, the high definition glass delivers a clear, distortion-free reflection. The large viewing area lets you see more of your face, head, or body at one time. Easily inspect every angle and detail while grooming or applying cosmetics.

Rather than magnifying, this OMIRO mirror provides a regular 1x magnification reflect just like a normal mirror. The true reflection shows an accurate representation of your face for makeup that looks stunning in real life, not just up close. It’s also perfect for monitoring symmetry while styling hair or sculpting facial hair.

At home, make the most of the generous size for activities like:

Applying makeup evenly all over the face
Getting an accurate full view while styling hair
Monitoring faces, heads, and necks for uniform shaving and hair removal
Checking the back of your head for even hair cutting
In a salon or spa setting, the wall-mounted design frees up precious counter and table space. The large reflection makes client consultations and grooming services easier:

Allow clients to hold and inspect cuts, colors, and styling themselves
Easily demonstrate makeup, skincare, and hair techniques
Provide a clear view for beard and hair trims, waxing, electrolysis
Let clients watch as you work on their hair or face
Why Choose an OMIRO Mirror?

OMIRO provides high quality magnifying and regular mirrors designed to meet all your beauty routine needs. We believe everyone deserves access to the well-lit, crystal clear reflections used in professional salons – now in convenient mirrors for home use. With OMIRO, you can achieve perfect hair, makeup, and grooming without the salon price tag.

The OMIRO Extra Large Hand Mirror boasts premium construction and materials for lasting performance. Its generous size and versatile use options are ideal for detailed grooming and beauty routines. Enjoy the crystal clarity of this handsome statement mirror in your bathroom, bedroom, or salon.

Plus, every purchase includes a free gift! Select either a classic pocket comb or portable eyebrow razor.

See yourself in a whole new light with the OMIRO Extra Large Hand Mirror. Its expansive reflective surface and versatile use options help you look your best at home or business.


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