OMIRO 20X Magnifying Mirror & Tweezers Kit – Precision Grooming On-The-Go



Get up close and personal with the OMIRO 20X Magnifying Mirror and Eyebrow Tweezers Kit. This portable grooming set lets you zoom in on every hair and pore for precision tweezing, makeup application, and facial care anywhere you go.

The star of the show is the powerful 3.5” circular magnifying mirror, which provides 20X magnification with incredible clarity. Just attach the two removable suction cups to any smooth, nonporous surface. Now you can meticulously shape brows, apply eyeliner with perfect wings, remove ingrown hairs, and inspect skin right in your home, office, or hotel. The 0.4” ultra-slim design even slides into luggage and bags for true portability.

With 20X magnification, you’ll be amazed at what you can see! Every tiny hair and pore pops out in sharp detail. It’s like having a professional dermatologist’s eye exam or makeup artist’s lighting rig in a compact portable mirror. The magnification makes it easy to shape brows with clean, defined arcs. Define the cupid’s bow and corners of the lips precisely when applying lip liner. Get smooth foundation coverage in hard-to-see areas like around the nose and hairline. See each individual lash to apply mascara flawlessly. And check for peach fuzz or unwanted hairs to carefully remove.

What’s in the Box:

1 x 3.5” 20X Magnifying Mirror with 2 Suction Cups
1 x Slant Tip Tweezer
The included slant tip tweezer is equally high quality for expert hair removal. Hand aligned tips grab fine hairs with precision. The tips are perfectly slanted at a 25° angle to give you greater control and visibility than perpendicular tweezers. The slant tip follows the natural shape of the brow for easier shaping. Tweeze stray brows, peach fuzz, and chin hairs with ease. The textured matte finish ensures a non-slip grip.

Stainless steel construction gives both the mirror and tweezers lasting durability. All materials are designed for safe, hygienic use.

Why Choose OMIRO?

OMIRO specializes in magnification mirrors and grooming tools that help you look and feel your best. We believe everyone deserves access to the high quality magnification and lighting previously only available in Hollywood makeup studios and dermatology offices. The OMIRO commitment to value lets you get salon-quality results affordably at home.

If 20X magnification doesn’t suit your needs, OMIRO offers additional options like 10X and 25X mirror models. First time magnified mirror users may want to start with 10X. The 25X ultra high magnification reveals every microscopic detail.

With the OMIRO 20X Magnifying Mirror and Tweezers Set, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! See skin, brows, and lashes in a whole new light. Tweeze, trim, shape, cleanse, and apply makeup with expert precision. Look photo shoot ready in minutes. This portable grooming kit makes it easy anytime, anywhere.


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