OLOV Electric Body Trimmer for Men – Groin, Back & Nose Hair



Groom your most sensitive areas with precision using the OLOV electric trimmer. Specially designed for below-the-waist shaving, this body groomer gently trims groin, back, chest, underarm, and nose hair with no pulling, tugging or irritation.

The waterproof design allows you to comfortably trim in the shower. Soft, black ceramic blades prevent nicks and cuts, while adjustable guards provide customizable lengths. An included nose trimmer attachment takes care of unruly nostril hairs.

Rechargeable and ultra quiet, this electric razor delivers a close, smooth shave and makes manscaping quick and easy. The waterproof casing is easy to clean and built to last.

Take your grooming routine to the next level with this versatile, dual-purpose trimmer. No more razor burns or ingrown hairs! Feel fresh and confident with a tidy, well-maintained landscape down under.


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