OBSCYON Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Spray Bottles – Travel Atomizers for Fragrance, Essential Oils



Take your signature scent wherever you go with the OBSCYON refillable perfume atomizer! These portable mini spray bottles allow you to decant and carry your favorite fragrances for refresh on-the-go.

The premium quality atomizers feature leakproof design and fine mist sprayer for luxurious application.

Travel-Friendly Size

Measuring just 80mm tall and 16.5mm wide, the OBSCYON perfume atomizer fits effortlessly into purse, bag or luggage for travel.

The TSA-approved 5ml capacity meets airline carry-on liquid regulations. Security won’t require you to surrender your pricey perfume thanks to the tiny bottle.

The plastic shell with glass inner liner protects your fragrance from spills and leaks during transit. Atomizer is durable if accidentally dropped.

Elegant Visual Design

A transparent window along the side displays inner perfume level so you can monitor fill amount.

The OBSCYON atomizer is available in 4 stylish colors – black, silver, gold and rose gold. Assign a different scent to each bottle.

An integrated keychain ring allows easy attachment to keys or bag. The luxe but portable atomizer doubles as chic accessory.

Fine Mist Sprayer

The atomizer produces an ultra fine, even mist to lightly dispense perfume as a cloud of micro-droplets.

A few pumps delivers a delicate veil of fragrance. Compared to splash bottles, the fine mist prevents waste and overapplication.

Pressurized air in the leakproof bottle atomizes perfume into a controlled spray for precision application on the go.

Refillable Anytime Anywhere

The innovative bottom valve design enables you to refill the mini atomizer in just seconds!

Simply tip perfume bottle upside down, attach to valve opening, and fill. Pump several times to re-pressurize. There’s no need to remove spray top.

Refill atomizer with a few spritzes of your favorite perfume before heading out. The bottles are reusable and refillable anytime.

Use for All Kind of Scents

Custom fill the OBSCYON atomizer with fragrances, essential oils, body sprays, aftershave, and more. The fine mist won’t clog.

Decant and carry just a small amount of your signature fragrance to freshen up throughout the day. Also ideal for gym bag, office, car.

Experience luxurious portability with the OBSCYON refillable perfume atomizer. Now you can take your favorite scents anywhere!


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