Oakeer 40 Pack Nose Wax Sticks – Safe & Effective Nasal Hair Remover



Tidy up unsightly nose and ear hairs with the Oakeer Nose Wax Sticks. This 40 pack of wax applicators quickly and comfortably removes unwanted nasal hair. The spiral cotton tip grabs and pulls out hair by the root for longer lasting results.

Removes Nose Hair Fast & Easy

The Oakeer nose wax applicators provide a quick and easy way to groom nasal hair at home. Just a few steps to clean Results:

  1. Insert cotton tip into nostril and rotate to gather hair.
  2. Pull out in one swift motion to remove entangled hairs.
  3. Use a tissue to wipe away excess wax.

The tightly wound cotton tip is designed to twist and adhere to coarse nasal hairs. With one tug, it lifts away unwanted hair neatly and painlessly.

No More Pinched Nostrils

Tweezing nose hairs one-by-one can be a tedious, painful process. The Oakeer wax sticks remove multiple nasal hairs at once quickly and comfortably.

The spiral cotton applicator head is an effective and gentle alternative to painful nose hair tweezers or trimmers. No more pinched nostrils!

Dermatologist Recommended Formula

The Oakeer nose wax formula is made with natural rosin for gentle, irritation-free hair removal. It adheres to hair without pulling or harming delicate nasal skin.

The applicators are hygienically packaged individually so they are clean for single use. Simply dispose after each application.

Dermatologists recommend using wax over trimming for the nose because it removes the entire hair versus just cutting the ends. Regrowth takes longer with waxing.

Cleans Hard-to-Reach Ear Hair Too

In addition to nose hair removal, these wax applicators can also tidy up unwanted hair growth in the ears.

Carefully insert the cotton tip into the ear canal to grasp and extract coarse ear hairs. The spiral design fits comfortably into the ear.

Breathe & Socialize Confidently

No more embarrassment over your unruly nose hairs! The Oakeer wax sticks allow you to groom nasal hair discreetly in the comfort of home.

Confidently breathe easy and socialize up close without worrying about nose hair. Tidy nostrils help you look neat and well-groomed.

Premium Quality Applicators

The Oakeer wax sticks feature premium design and materials for safe nasal grooming:

  • Tightly wound cotton tip for grasping hairs
  • Flexible plastic stick for comfortable insertion
  • Hypoallergenic formula won’t irritate skin
  • Individually packaged for hygiene and convenience

Simplify your nasal grooming routine with the easy-to-use Oakeer Nose Wax Sticks. Stock up on this 40 pack for salon smooth results at home.


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