Nylea Professional Tweezer Set for Eyebrows, Splinters – Pedicure Nail Clippers Kit for Precise Grooming



Achieve salon-perfect grooming with the Nylea Professional Tweezer Set and Nail Clipper Kit. This all-in-one grooming kit contains 9 quality tools for flawless nail, hair and eyebrow care. The premium stainless steel implements precisely trim, shape, pluck and snip with ease.

Complete At-Home Grooming Kit

The Nylea grooming set provides everything needed for professional nail and hair care:

Slant tweezer – ideal for eyebrows
Pointed tweezer – great for splinters and precise plucking
Pointed slant tweezer – versatile for small hairs
Flat tweezer – for ingrown hairs and chin/facial hair
Brow comb – to brush and style brows
Fingernail clipper – smoothly clips fingernails
Toenail clipper – easy trimming for thick toenails
Cuticle scissors – neatly nips hangnails and cuticles
Nail file – shapes and smoothes nails
With all these quality tools, you can skip the salon and pamper yourself at home. The included leather case keeps the set organized.

Premium Grade Stainless Steel

Nylea implements are crafted from durable, surgical-grade stainless steel for lasting performance. The grade 304 steel maintains a sharp precision edge over repeated use.

The premium steel composition and polished finish also allow the tweezers and clippers to glide seamlessly over skin and nails without pinching or snagging.

Stainless steel material ensures anti-rust, anti-corrosion and easy sanitization. Simply rinse and wipe clean between uses.

Precision Tweezing and Plucking

Sculpt perfectly arched brows with the slant tip tweezer featuring aligned, hand-filed tips that grab fine hairs.

The pointed style easily removes ingrown hairs and splinters with exact precision. No more struggle trying to grasp with low quality tweezers!

The innovative pointed slant tweezer allows effortless plucking in hard to reach spots. Enjoy expert hair removal without the salon price.

Smooth, Even Nail Trimming

Clip nails safely and comfortably with the Nylea fingernail and toenail clippers. Sleek, ergonomic design fits nicely in hand for controlled snipping.

The sharp blades made from premium stainless steel cut cleanly without splitting or cracking nails. Clippers feature catches to gather nail clippings for easy cleanup.

Use the cuticle scissors to neatly trim loose skin and hangnails. Then smooth rough edges with the emery nail file.

Luxury Leather Travel Case

The tweezers and nail implements come housed in an elegant leather zipper case to keep the set neatly organized. The compact case is perfect for storage or travel.

Bring your own grooming tools on the go and skip the hotel manicure kit. The Nylea set has every tool needed for at-home pedicures, manicures, eyebrow touch-ups and more.

Pamper yourself with salon-worthy results using the Nylea Professional Tweezer Set and Nail Clipper Kit.


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