Nylea 2oz Glass Spray Bottles – Refillable Fine Mist Atomizer for Essential Oils, Hair, Cleaning Solutions



The Nylea 2oz glass spray bottles deliver a ultra-fine, even mist for versatile household use. These refillable sprayers are ideal for essential oils, hair products, plant care, natural cleaners and more. Premium leakproof design includes two adjustable nozzle settings.

Ultra-Fine Mist Spray

The Nylea sprayers produce an ultra-fine mist for controlled, efficient dispensing of liquids. Unlike some sprayers that release heavy streams, the Nylea bottles provide a consistent fine particle mist.

The adjustable nozzle offers two settings:

Stream setting for a direct spray
Mist setting for a wide, fine spray
The leakproof trigger sprayer attachment ensures an even mist distribution without unwanted drips or clogs.

Durable Refillable Glass Bottle

These spray bottles are crafted from durable glass that won’t degrade or leach chemicals over time like some plastics. Glass offers optimal chemical resistance for stability.

The 2oz capacity is perfect for small batches, travel or sample sizes. Easily refill the bottles again and again with your favorite products.

Leakproof seals and thick glass prevent spills and breaks. The human-grade glass is safe for cosmetic use.

Portable Travel Size

Measuring 3.5 x 1 inches, these handy mini spray bottles are ideal for travel. Toss in your purse or carry-on when on the go. The TSA-approved 2oz size meets airline liquid restrictions.

Use the portable sprayers for essential oils, hair products, skin toners, floral water, and any liquids you want readily available. The fine mist helps stretch product use.

Endless Household Uses

Keep Nylea spray bottles filled with your frequently used products and cleaning blends. Use them to dispense:

Essential oils & blends
Skin toners and floral water
Hair oil & shine spray
Beard oil & grooming products
Natural cleaners & vinegar solutions
Water for plants & gardens
Room & linen sprays
Automotive cleaners
DIY chemical-free formulas
The leakproof, refillable design makes these sprayers extremely versatile for daily use around the home, office, car and more.

Premium Craftsmanship

Nylea spray bottles are carefully crafted for maximum durability:

Leakproof triggers and lids
Smooth glass won’t crack
Tight seals prevent leaks
Resists oils, acids, soaps
Reusable and recyclable
The 2oz capacity is lab-approved for cosmetics. Enjoy easy, efficient spraying with Nylea refillable fine mist spray bottles.

Order a 2-Pack Today

This listing includes two 2oz Nylea spray bottles so you can use for multiple purposes. The portable mini size is great for travel or everyday use.

Get consistent, controlled dispensing of oils, toner, cleaners and endless DIY products with Nylea’s refillable glass spray bottles.


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