NuFACE Aqua Gel Activator for Hydrating Microcurrent Therapy, Extra-Large 10 Ounce



Treat your skin to a rejuvenating microcurrent facial anytime, anywhere with the NuFACE Aqua Gel Activator. As the leader in at-home microcurrent beauty devices, NuFACE has created this lightweight, hydrating gel to enhance your microcurrent therapy for noticeably smoother, more vibrant skin.

Conducts Microcurrent for a Non-Invasive Mini Facelift

The Aqua Gel Activator works with your NuFACE Device to conduct gentle microcurrent pulses that stimulate your facial muscles. This gives your complexion an instant contoured, lifted appearance that continues improving over time. It’s like a non-invasive mini facelift from the comfort of home!

Glides Smoothly for Comfortable Treatment

Engineered for a silky texture, the Aqua Gel Activator glides smoothly over skin for an incredibly comfortable microcurrent treatment. The extra-large 10 ounce bottle provides 100-115 uses so you can enjoy a facial-like experience during every application.

Hydrates Skin for Up to 24 Hours

While lifting your complexion, microcurrent also improves product penetration. The Aqua Gel contains hyaluronic acid, glacial water, and IonPlex to provide deep, lasting hydration. Your skin will not only look more toned but also feel wonderfully soft and supple for up to 24 hours after each use.

Easy to Use as Part of Your Routine

Adding this Aqua Gel Activator to your skincare routine is simple:

  1. Cleanse face thoroughly with an oil-free cleanser and pat dry.
  2. Apply a generous layer of the activator gel onto the skin, avoiding eyes and lips.
  3. Glide and hold your NuFACE Device head smoothly over areas of concern, feeling the gentle microcurrent pulses.
  4. Leave the hydrating gel on as a moisturizing mask for soft, vibrant skin.

For optimal results, use the Aqua Gel Activator with your NuFACE Device as part of your morning and evening routine. Or use it as needed for an instant pick-me-up before a special event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this Aqua Gel better than other NuFACE activators?

The Aqua Gel Activator provides silky smooth glide for an ultra comfortable microcurrent treatment while delivering deep hydration. The extra-large size offers more uses than other options.

Do you need water with this Aqua Gel?

No, the Aqua Gel Activator eliminates the need for water during your NuFACE microcurrent session. Simply apply a mask-like layer and glide your device head over skin.

Does it come with applicators?

For hygiene and convenience, each Aqua Gel comes with two sanitary applicators so you can scoop out the gel cleanly.

Can you use this with all NuFACE devices?

Yes, the Aqua Gel is compatible with all NuFACE microcurrent devices to improve results. It conducts the microcurrent while hydrating skin.

How long does one bottle last?

The extra-large 10 ounce bottle provides 100-115 uses depending on how much gel you use per session. For continued benefits, replace the Aqua Gel Activator every 3-4 months.

Love Your Skin with NuFACE

Experience the skin-transforming powers of microcurrent therapy with the NuFACE Aqua Gel Activator. Its lightweight hydrating properties allow your device to glide seamlessly for instant visible lifting, toning, and improved moisture levels. Your complexion will look refreshed, firmed, and radiantly youthful.


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