Noxzema Deep Clean Original Facial Cleanser



Get your skin glowing with the original Noxzema Classic Clean cleanser. This tried and true formula deeply cleanses without over-drying, leaving your skin feeling fresh, soft and smooth.

Deep Cleans Without Stripping Skin

This Original Noxzema cleanser goes above and beyond just removing dirt, oil, and makeup from the surface of your skin. It penetrates deep into pores to draw out impurities from within, preventing future breakouts. The rich, creamy lather rinses clean without that tight, dry feeling that many cleansers leave behind.

Refreshing Invigorating Formula

The Noxzema clean contains refreshing eucalyptus oil to energize and enliven the skin. It leaves your face feeling cool and awakened. The invigorating tingling sensation lets you know it’s working hard to get your skin clean.

Leaves Skin Feeling Soft and Smooth

While deep cleaning pores, this Noxzema cleanser also works to leave skin soft and smooth. Your face will feel fresh and renewed, never dry or tight. The unique blend of natural ingredients and rich emollients moisturize as they cleanse, improving skin texture.

Dermatologist Tested, Non-Comedogenic Formula

You can trust Noxzema cleanser because its formula is dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic. That means it has been proven not to clog pores or cause acne breakouts. Even people with sensitive skin can feel comfortable using this facial cleanser.

Use Daily to See Results

For best results, use this original Noxzema Classic Clean cleanser daily. Apply it to damp skin, massaging in a circular motion. Rinse and pat dry. With regular use, you’ll reveal cleaner, healthier-looking skin over time. Your complexion will have a radiant glow.

Great Value for a Deep Cleanser

Get this trusted drugstore classic at a great value. The 2 oz bottle provides a significant supply of cleanser so you can enjoy thoroughly cleansed skin every day.

Noxzema’s Origins

Noxzema was first developed as a sunburn cream in 1914. It was so effective for various skin concerns that it evolved into a cleansing cream. Today, millions trust this classic Noxzema cleanser as an essential part of their skincare routine.

How to Use

Wet your face with warm water. Apply a dime-sized amount of Noxzema cleanser to your damp fingers.
Gently massage the cleanser all over your face, avoiding the eye area. Make sure to spread it across your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.
Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Splash your face a few times to remove all traces of cleanser.
Pat your skin dry with a soft, clean towel. Your face is now fresh, clean and ready for additional skincare steps.
Experience deep cleansing made easy with the Original Noxzema Classic Clean cleanser. Treat your skin to this refreshing, invigorating formula and reveal a gorgeously clean complexion. Add it to your skincare routine today.


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