NOW Solutions Pure Lanolin Skin Protectant – Thick Jelly Moisturizer for Extremely Dry, Rough Skin – 7 oz



Treat Your Skin to soothing relief and long-lasting hydration with NOW Solutions Pure Lanolin Skin Protectant. This rich, nutrient-dense jelly provides unparalleled moisture for even the driest, roughest skin.

Formulated with 100% pure lanolin derived from sheep’s wool, this thick emollient mimics your skin’s natural oils. Lanolin’s molecular structure closely resembles lipids produced by the sebaceous glands in human skin, allowing it to bind easily and provide exceptional hydration. This plant-based moisturizer can smooth and soften skin like no other.

Pure lanolin offers superior performance for nurturing and protecting extremely dry, cracked skin. Its viscous jelly consistency adheres well to form a protective barrier that seals in moisture. Lanolin is perfect for use on hands subjected to harsh elements like cold winter air or hot sun exposure. Soothe rough patches, calluses, and chapped skin by massaging a small amount of this nutrient-rich balm into affected areas.

This versatile skin protector also excels at shielding sensitive skin from chafing caused by friction. Apply a thin layer to prevent irritation from athletic gear, restrictive clothing, or even a new baby’s diaper rash. Lanolin’s mild formula and skin-conditioning fatty acids make it ideal for these delicate zones.

Give your complexion the nurturing care it deserves with this premium emollient. NOW Solutions Pure Lanolin offers an impeccable balance of skin-replenishing nutrients:

Protects Against Harsh Environments

-Forms protective moisture barrier
-Seals in hydration
-Shields skin from drying winds and cold temperatures
-Soothes roughness and cracking

Intense, Long-Lasting Hydration

-Mimics skin’s natural oils
-Penetrates deeply to provide exceptional moisture
-Stays concentrated on skin for extended relief
-Softens and smooths even the roughest areas

100% Pure Lanolin

-Derived from the wool of sheep
-Plant-based, vegan moisturizer

-Closely matches lipids in human skin
-More effective than petrolatum or mineral oil

Ideal for Extremely Dry Skin

-Thick, nourishing jelly formula
-Excellent for hands, heels, elbows
-Soothes chapped, cracked skin
-Provides soothing moisture barrier

GMP Quality Assured

-Made following cGMP standards
-Manufacturing process third-party verified
-Lab tested for purity and potency

Give your thirsty skin the soothing hydration it craves with NOW Solutions Pure Lanolin Skin Protectant. Slather on this thick, nourishing jelly to provide immediate comfort and protect against environmental assaults.


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