NOW Solutions Apricot Kernel Oil – Nourishing Skin & Hair Moisturizer with Essential Fatty Acids – 100% Pure & Hexane-Free – 16 oz



Treat your skin and hair to the nourishing benefits of 100% pure apricot kernel oil from NOW Solutions. Cold-pressed from the dried seeds of apricots, this natural oil has been used for centuries to restore a healthy, youthful glow thanks to its concentration of fatty acids and vitamins. As an emollient oil, apricot kernel oil is readily absorbed into the skin to soften fine lines and wrinkles while imparting a smooth, silky texture. Its rich, fatty acid profile coupled with its lightweight consistency also makes it an excellent non-greasy moisturizer to revive dry hair. This vegan formula will rejuvenate lackluster skin and hair without clogging pores.

An Intensely Hydrating & Nourishing Beauty Oil

100% pure apricot kernel oil quickly absorbs to deeply moisturize & nourish skin
Rich in oleic & linoleic acids to support skin health & restore a radiant glow
Ideal for softening fine lines & wrinkles thanks to its emollient properties
Lightweight oil also hydrates & revives dry, damaged hair without weighing it down
Vegan, hexane-free, non-GMO formula suitable for all skin & hair types
Restorative properties promote healthy, vibrant skin & shiny, silky smooth hair

Key Benefits

Softens Fine Lines & Wrinkles

The oleic and linoleic fatty acids in apricot kernel oil give it excellent emollient properties to moisturize while softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and rough patches on the skin’s surface. Regular application keeps mature skin supple and smooth.

Intensely Hydrates Dry Skin

This lightweight plant-based oil is quickly and easily absorbed without leaving an oily residue. Skin is left feeling silky and smooth thanks to the intense surge of moisture. It’s perfect for those with dry, flaky skin that needs deep hydration.

Soothes Irritated & Sensitive Skin

Thanks to its quick absorption and soothing fatty acids, apricot kernel oil calms irritation and sensitivity associated with dry skin. It helps skin maintain its natural moisture barrier without aggravating issues.

Adds Shine & Silkiness to Dry Hair

In addition to skin, apricot kernel oil is an effective moisturizer for dry, damaged hair in need of nourishment. A few drops will noticeably improve texture and shine while taming frizz and flyaways.

Non-Greasy Moisturizer

Unlike heavier oils, this absorbs rapidly without leaving a greasy residue. Enjoy smooth, moisturized skin and hair without unwanted greasiness or oiliness.

Clean Ingredient Profile

No questionable ingredients here! NOW Solutions Apricot Kernel Oil consists of 100% pure cold-pressed oil. It is also vegan, non-GMO, hexane-free and not tested on animals.

Suggested Use

Massage a few drops into cleansed skin morning and night
Apply a small amount to damp hair before styling to boost shine & manageability
Mix with other nourishing oils for a deeply moisturizing treatment
Use as a natural makeup remover and facial cleanser
For intensive conditioning treatment, warm slightly and apply generously to hair before rinsing
Experience the beautifying benefits of apricot kernel oil! This multi-purpose moisturizer will restore a healthy glow and silkiness to skin and hair.

Quality You Can Trust

NOW Solutions is the next step in the evolution of personal care products. Every oil, lotion, balm, and serum has been carefully crafted to promote healthy, vibrant skin and hair through clean formulas free of harsh chemicals. We source only the finest natural and organic ingredients from ethical suppliers and never test on animals. Our team adheres to U.S. FDA cGMP regulations and NPA GMP standards to ensure consistently pure, potent products you can feel good about using. Stock your beauty routine with the very best from NOW Solutions!


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