NIVEA White Peach and Jasmine Body Wash with Nourishing Serum, Revitalizing Scent for Soft, Smooth Skin, 20 Fl Oz



Escape to a fragrant oasis with the NIVEA White Peach and Jasmine Body Wash. Infused with nourishing serum, this body wash gently cleanses while surrounding you in a refreshing scent inspired by white peaches and jasmine blossoms. Let your mind drift away while nourishing oils soften your skin during your daily shower.

A Tropical Fragrance for Your Shower

The delicate yet lush fragrance of ripened white peaches and fragrant jasmine flowers awakens your senses and transforms your shower into a tropical escape. As the rich, creamy lather caresses your skin, breathe in the sweet fruity top notes blended with floral heart notes for a balanced, refreshing scent. The nourishing serum’s oils accentuate the natural fragrances for an aromatherapy experience while you cleanse.

Gentle Cleansing for Soft, Smooth Skin

While delighting your senses, the NIVEA body wash also gently cleanses away dirt, sweat, and impurities with a unique formula enriched with natural oils. Sunflower seed oil, known for its high linoleic acid content, helps skin retain moisture. Soybean oil contains vitamins and essential fatty acids to support the skin barrier. Jojoba seed oil mimics skin’s natural oils to replenish what’s washed away without stripping or over-drying.

As you lather up, these natural oils combine with essential skin lipids and Provitamin B5 to lift away impurities without disrupting skin’s protective moisture barrier. Your skin emerges clean and soft, not tight or dry.

Leaves Skin Feeling Soft and Smooth All Day

The nourishing serum infused in NIVEA’s body wash provides lasting moisture and care. Natural oil extracts along with glycerin work within skin’s surface layers to restore and retain hydration. Allantoin soothes and calms, while vitamin E antioxidants help protect against environmental aggressors.

After showering, this body wash leaves all skin types nourished and balanced with a soft, smooth feel that lasts beyond bath time. Your skin will feel touchably soft all over with a healthy, refreshed glow.

Creamy, Rich Lather for Whole Body Care

The NIVEA body wash lathers into a lush, creamy foam that pampers you from head to toe. Apply a quarter-size amount to a damp loofah, puff, or washcloth and work into a rich lather. Gently massage over your body, allowing the nourishing oils to soak in as you enjoy the peachy, floral scent. Rinse thoroughly.

Use as part of your regular shower routine, either morning or evening, to cleanse skin while providing hydration. The formula is gentle enough for daily use.

Ideal for Shaving Legs and Body

Transform shaving with this nourishing body wash. The creamy lather provides a smooth glide for razors to help prevent nicks and cuts. Natural oils moisturize to avoid dry skin and irritation. Skin feels touchably soft and smooth after shaving without dryness or razor bumps.

For the ultimate close shave, apply the body wash to wet skin and shave as usual. Rinse then apply again to moisturize just-shaven skin.

Dermatologically Tested for Sensitive Skin

This body wash is gently formulated for all skin types. The formula is dermatologically tested and approved as suitable for sensitive skin. It is free of soap, oil, and parabens that can irritate sensitive skin.

Cruelty Free and Responsibly Sourced

NIVEA is committed to caring with its products and business practices. This body wash is not tested on animals and is cruelty free. The formula contains RSPO-certified palm oil from responsible, sustainable sources to protect the planet’s resources.

The convenient 20 fluid ounce bottle provides lasting value for your shower. Enjoy the spa-like scent and feel of the NIVEA White Peach and Jasmine Body Wash infused with nourishing serum for clean, touchably soft skin.


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