NIVEA Shea Butter Nourishing Body Wash – Gently Cleanse and Moisturize Dry Skin



NIVEA Shea Butter Nourishing Body Wash is a luxurious, rich lathering body wash that gently cleanses dry skin while providing intensive moisture. Enriched with pure shea butter, known for its exceptional moisturizing properties, this body wash nourishes and cares for your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and hydrated all day long.

Gentle Plant-Based Formula with Shea Butter

This shea butter body wash contains a unique blend of plant-derived cleansers like soybean oil, glycerin and sunflower seed oil that effectively remove dirt and impurities without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. The addition of shea butter, which is renowned for its ultra-hydrating benefits, infuses a boost of long-lasting hydration into your cleansing routine. Antioxidant-rich vitamin E also helps nourish dry skin.

Transform Rough, Flaky Skin into Touchably Soft and Smooth

If your skin tends to feel dry and rough no matter how much lotion you apply, this shea butter body wash is the solution you’ve been searching for. The rich, creamy lather gently lifts away dirt and germs without disrupting your skin’s delicate moisture barrier. As you rinse, shea butter is absorbed deep into your skin, locking in softness that lasts beyond your shower.

Enjoy a Sensory Experience with a Light Fragrance

In addition to caring for your skin, this nourishing body wash also provides a wonderfully indulgent sensory experience. The rich lather feels luxurious against your skin, while the fresh floral scent delights your senses. The light fragrance comes from natural essential oils so you don’t have to worry about overwhelming perfumes or artificial fragrances irritating sensitive skin.

Versatile Body Wash for Face and Body

This shea butter body wash is gentle enough to use every day from head to toe. The soap-free, dermatologist-tested formula is suitable for all skin types, making it the perfect choice for the entire family. Use as a facial cleanser to remove makeup without drying out your skin. The creamy wash is even gentle enough for babies and kids.

Lather Up Your Loofah for a Luxe Spa Experience

Transform your daily shower into a relaxing spa-like experience by massaging this lush body wash into a loofah or washcloth. Work it into a rich lather then gently massage over your skin to cleanse away the day’s dirt and sweat. The indulgent lather rinses clean without any waxy residue or filmy feeling. Your skin will feel clean, soft and comfortable after your luxurious home spa treatment.

Shave Cream Alternative for a Close, Comfortable Shave

The rich, creamy lather of this moisturizing body wash makes it an excellent alternative to shaving cream. Slather it over your legs before shaving for a smooth glide and comfortable shave that won’t leave skin dry or irritated. The shea butter formula provides a protective moisture barrier between your razor and skin, preventing nicks and cuts. Legs feel touchably soft and smooth after shaving.

Lock in Long-Lasting Soft, Supple Skin

This shea butter body wash doesn’t just cleanse your skin, it intensively nourishes it with ultra-hydrating ingredients. As you massage the lather over your body, shea butter is absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin where it provides long-lasting moisture. Throughout your busy day, your skin remains soft, smooth and touchably hydrated. No more dry, itchy, tight feeling skin thanks to this nourishing wash.

Dermatologist Tested for Sensitive Skin

All NIVEA body washes are specially formulated to be extra gentle and mild. This shea butter nourishing body wash is dermatologist tested and approved for sensitive skin. The soap-free formula is formulated without dye or irritating fragrances so it can be used by the entire family without worries. Gentle plant cleansers won’t disrupt delicate skin.

Trusted Skincare from NIVEA

NIVEA has over 130 years of skincare expertise in nourishing and protecting all skin types. This shea butter body wash has been developed using that extensive experience to cleanse and care for your skin. The advanced formula with natural shea butter provides trusted care you can rely on to moisturize and condition dry skin while bathing.

One Bottle Lasts a Long Time

A little bit of this rich body wash goes a long way towards cleansing and caring for your skin. The 20 fluid ounce bottle provides a generous supply that lasts for many baths and showers. Squirt a quarter-sized amount onto a washcloth or loofah, lather it into a creamy foam then massage over your body for intensely nourished, touchably soft skin all over.

Gentle Daily Cleansing Routine for Dry Skin

This NIVEA shea butter body wash makes it easy to establish a daily cleansing routine that leaves dry, sensitive skin clean and conditioned. Use it as part of your morning shower to wash away overnight sweat and prep skin for the day ahead. The gentle cleansing and intense moisturizing will keep your skin comfortable even during drier winter months.

Ideal for Dry and Sensitive Skin Types

If your skin tends to feel tight, flaky or itchy no matter how much moisturizer you use, this shea butter body wash is for you. The ultra-hydrating formula infuses moisture deep into dry skin to provide daily relief. Gentle plant cleansers won’t aggravate easily irritated sensitive skin prone to redness and discomfort. You’ll be amazed at how soft, smooth and comfortable your skin feels after using this nourishing wash.

Indulge your skin in gentle, nourishing cleansing with NIVEA Shea Butter Body Wash. Let the rich lather gently yet effectively cleanse away impurities while shea butter surrounds your skin in intensive, soothing moisture. Enjoy clean, touchably soft, hydrated skin every day.


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