NIVEA Oil Infused Cherry Blossom Body Lotion – Indulgent Moisture for Smooth, Radiant Skin



Transport your senses to a serene cherry blossom oasis with NIVEA’s Oil Infused Cherry Blossom Body Lotion. Infused with precious jojoba oil, this rich, indulgent body lotion provides deep moisture for smooth, touchably soft skin that looks radiantly healthy.

The delicate cherry blossom fragrance envelops your senses, whisking you away to a tranquil garden filled with soft pink petals. It’s a scent that lingers beautifully on skin, surrounding you in a veil of floral serenity.

But this lotion is about far more than just fragrance – it’s expertly formulated by NIVEA’s skilled skin care scientists to provide your skin with lush hydration and nourishment. The hero ingredient is ultra-nourishing jojoba oil, which mimics the skin’s natural oils to fortify the protective moisture barrier. Jojoba oil sinks in quickly without leaving behind greasiness or heaviness. It supplements skin’s moisture reserves for up to 24 hours of quenched softness even after washing hands.

In addition to jojoba oil, NIVEA Cherry Blossom Body Lotion contains a blend of vitamins and nourishing oils which work synergistically to smooth away roughness for skin that looks and feels petal-soft. Shea butter and avocado oil soften skin, while antioxidant vitamin E and provitamin B5 help strengthen and repair the moisture barrier. Hyaluronic acid attracts and binds moisture to the skin for intense, long-lasting hydration.

This rich body cream glides over skin effortlessly, providing a burst of soothing moisture without leftover tackiness or grease. Just a small amount massaged into slightly damp skin after your shower or bath leaves your body blanketed in a veil of satiny softness. Skin soaks up the hydration eagerly, feeling quenched and supple rather than tight and flaky. With daily use, those pesky dry skin patches become smoother and softer within days. Hands look revitalized and touchably soft.

While wonderfully nourishing for all skin types, NIVEA Cherry Blossom Body Lotion is especially ideal for those with very dry, flaky skin. The rich cream transforms parched skin prone to itching and irritation by restoring plump, balanced moisture levels. Rough heels, elbows and knees are softened and relaxed. Even severely dry hands plagued by painful cracking and peeling regain their flexibility and smoothness with daily use of this gently restorative body lotion.

With the convenient pump bottle, it couldn’t be easier to make NIVEA Cherry Blossom Body Lotion part of your self-care routine. Keep it in your shower to use after bathing or place it on your bathroom counter for moisturizing post-shower and before bed. The formula absorbs quickly without leaving residues or stains, making it easy to add this nourishing treat into your regular schedule.

Pamper your hard-working hands by keeping the bottle at your workspace to use throughout the day. Apply after washing hands to lock in hydration. Hands are left soft and smooth, not sticky or tacky.

Let NIVEA Cherry Blossom Body Lotion become your daily indulgence, a way to refresh your senses while drenching your skin in lush hydration. Take a moment to close your eyes, inhale the delicate floral scent and picture yourself in a peaceful garden. Your skin will thank you.

Key Features:

  • Jojoba oil-enriched body lotion provides 24+ hours of moisturization for touchably soft, smooth skin.
  • The light cherry blossom fragrance evokes a sense of serenity and relaxation.
  • Ultra-nourishing formula is ideal for dry, flaky skin prone to itching and irritation.
  • Convenient pump bottle makes it easy to use this luxurious lotion daily.
  • NIVEA lotion absorbs quickly without leaving skin greasy or sticky.

What Sets NIVEA Cherry Blossom Body Lotion Apart?

NIVEA has over 130 years of skin care expertise, so you can trust their formulas to be gentle yet effective. Their Cherry Blossom Body Lotion stands out for these key reasons:

  • Intense Moisture That Lasts: Jojoba oil strengthens skin’s moisture barrier while hyaluronic acid draws in hydration. Skin stays soft and smooth for over 24 hours.
  • Nourishing Oil Blend: Jojoba, avocado and shea butters nourish skin for touchable softness without heaviness or grease.
  • Soothing Skin Care: Vitamin E and provitamin B5 help calm and condition dry, irritated skin prone to flaking.
  • Beautiful Blossom Scent: The light floral fragrance provides an indulgent spa-like experience.
  • Non-Greasy Formula: Hydrates skin beautifully without clogging pores or leaving oily residues.

When Should You Use NIVEA Cherry Blossom Body Lotion?

This indulgent body cream can be part of your morning and evening skin care routine for hydration that lasts throughout the day and overnight.

Key times to apply:

  • After showering, while skin is slightly damp to lock in moisture.
  • Before bed, to nourish skin overnight.
  • Anytime skin feels dry and tight for a quick moisture boost.
  • Before paint jobs or gardening to hydrate and protect skin.
  • After frequent hand washing to replenish moisture.

Tips for Using NIVEA Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

  • Smooth over clean, dry skin daily focusing on extra dry areas like knees, heels, elbows and hands.
  • Apply after bathing while skin is still slightly damp so moisture seals in.
  • Gently massage in upward strokes until fully absorbed without stickiness.
  • Layer under thinner creams or lotions for an extra moisture surge.
  • Keep bottles in key areas like your shower, sink, desk and nightstand for easy access.

Pamper your skin every day with the hydration it craves and a scent that soothes your senses. Transform dry, flaky skin into touchably soft perfection with NIVEA Oil Infused Cherry Blossom Body Lotion.


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