NIVEA Nourishing Care Body Wash – Enriched Formula Gently Cleanses and Nourishes Skin



Discover the nourishing care your skin deserves with the NIVEA Nourishing Care Body Wash. This enriching body wash features a lightly scented, gentle cleansing formula that leaves your skin feeling cleansed, smooth, and touchably soft.

The NIVEA Nourishing Care Body Wash contains a unique blend of plant-derived oils, essential skin lipids, and vitamins that work together to cleanse and nourish your skin. The creamy, moisturizing lather gently removes impurities without over-drying or stripping your skin. It rinses clean without leaving behind any sticky residue.

This body wash features a light, floral scent that provides a pleasant, relaxing aroma for your daily shower experience. The soothing fragrance envelops your senses to uplift your mood while you cleanse. It’s the perfect way to start and end your day feeling refreshed and renewed.

In addition to its stellar cleansing abilities, the NIVEA Nourishing Care Body Wash can also be used as an alternative to shaving cream. Its rich, creamy lather helps provide a smooth shave and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. The nourishing oils minimize irritation that can occur from shaving.

NIVEA is a trusted leader in skin care, with over 130 years of expertise in keeping skin healthy and beautiful. You can rely on their vast experience to provide products that safely and effectively improve the look and feel of your skin. The Nourishing Care Body Wash is dermatologically tested and approved for daily use.

Give your skin the moisture it craves and pamper yourself with this indulgent body wash. The Nourishing Care formula provides gentle yet effective cleansing that won’t strip or dry your skin. Wake up your senses and set the tone for a positive day with the uplifting floral scent. Your skin will thank you for the daily nourishment.

For best results, apply the Nourishing Care Body Wash to wet skin and massage in a rich lather using a washcloth or loofah. Concentrate on one area at a time for thorough cleansing. Let the nourishing formula soak in briefly before rinsing. Pat skin partially dry and apply your favorite NIVEA body lotion or cream while skin is still slightly damp to seal in moisture.

Your skin works hard every day to protect you. Show your appreciation by treating it to the caring cleanse of NIVEA Nourishing Care Body Wash. The indulgent, moisturizing lather will make your daily shower a relaxing escape that promotes soft, touchable skin. Pamper yourself with skin-nourishing care – you deserve it!

Nourish and Cleanse with Indulgent Care

Your skin craves nourishment and gentle care. Deliver what it needs with the NIVEA Nourishing Care Body Wash. This lush, creamy formula cleanses away dirt and impurities without stripping or drying.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Gentle plant-derived cleansers create a lush, creamy lather that lifts away dirt and oil without stripping moisture from skin
  • Skin-nourishing blend with oils, lipids, and vitamins leaves skin feeling touchably soft and smooth
  • Light floral scent provides a soothing, spa-like aroma to relax the senses
  • Dermatologist-tested, soap-free formula is safe for daily use on all skin types
  • Trusted brand with over 130 years’ experience creating innovative skin care

This indulgent body wash transforms an everyday shower into a mini-escape. The floral scent calms and uplifts the senses while the creamy lather provides gentle yet effective cleansing. Skin emerges clean, nourished and touchably soft – never dry or tight.

Gentle Cleansing Power

The NIVEA Nourishing Care Body Wash achieves a delicate balance by effectively removing dirt, sweat and oils without disrupting skin’s natural moisture.

Plant-derived cleansers create a lush lather that lifts away impurities. Natural oils like sunflower and almond oils infuse moisture into skin as you cleanse so it doesn’t feel stripped or dried out. Essential lipids replenish what is washed away to help skin retain a smooth, flexible texture.

Vitamins provide an extra nourishing boost to supplement skin’s healthy appearance. The soap-free formula has a neutral pH that respects skin’s natural acid mantle. Enjoy a peaceful shower knowing the NIVEA Body Wash is gently cleansing your skin.

Nourishing Ingredients

This body wash nourishes with an opulent blend of carefully chosen ingredients:

  • Sunflower Oil: Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that help skin retain moisture and smoothness.
  • Glycerin: Plant-derived humectant that attracts and binds moisture to the skin.
  • Vitamin E: Softens, soothes and protects skin against environmental aggressors.
  • Provitamin B5: Helps skin retain elasticity and moisture for a supple feel.
  • Almond Oil: Provides nourishing fatty acids to improve skin’s barrier function.

This luscious blend nutures your skin as you shower for touchable softness from head to toe. The cleansers lift away dirt without compromising the skin’s moisture barrier. Skin looks and feels clean, smooth and hydrated.

Uplifting Scent

The NIVEA Nourishing Care Body Wash delights your senses with its light, floral scent. Sunny notes of jasmine, peony and rose provide an aromatic retreat to lift your mood.

Let the gentle fragrance transport you to a peaceful haven as you cleanse away the day’s impurities. The scent lingers lightly after your shower, allowing you to continue enjoying the blissful aroma.

Start your mornings off right by energizing your spirit while nourishing your skin. The bright scent sets a positive tone to keep you uplifted all day long.

Trusted Skin Care

With over 130 years of skin care expertise, NIVEA is a brand you can trust. Their extensive experience has led to continuous innovations and improvements in effective, gentle skin cleansing and care.

NIVEA adheres to strict standards and testing to ensure all products promote healthy, beautiful skin for women, men and children. Dermatological tests confirm the Nourishing Care Body Wash is suitable for daily use by all skin types.

Pamper your skin every day with the trusted, gentle cleansing of NIVEA Nourishing Care Body Wash. Discover nourishment for skin and senses in one indulgent formula.


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