Nivea Men Sensitive Shave Foam, Soothing 6-Pack – Soothes Skin and Prevents Irritation While Shaving



Experience a smooth, comfortable shave while soothing sensitive skin with the Nivea Men Sensitive Shave Foam. This rich lathering shave foam with vitamin E, chamomile and witch hazel extracts prevents razor burn, irritation, and ingrown hairs.

The luxurious foam texture cushions the skin during shaving to prevent tugging and pulling. It softens stubborn stubble for a close shave without irritation. Natural extracts calm and relax the skin to avoid post-shave discomfort. The thick white foam provides superior lubrication for a slick shave.

This 6-pack comes with six 7 oz cans of Nivea Men Sensitive Shave Foam for a great bulk value. It provides up to 100 shaves per can, keeping your sensitive skin comfortable for months. Enjoy irritation-free shaves with this handy multi-pack.

How It Works:

Cushions Skin – Thick foam creates a protective layer between razor and skin to prevent tugging.

Softens Stubble – Special emollients lift and soften whiskers for a smooth close shave.

Improves Glide – Rich lubricating foam allows the razor to glide effortlessly over skin.

Soothes Discomfort – Chamomile extract has natural anti-inflammatory properties to prevent bumps.

Moisturizes Skin – Vitamin E and witch hazel hydrate skin to avoid dryness and tightness.

Luxurious Foam – Provides a lush lather for superior slick glide during shaving.

Lather the white foam over damp skin using circular motions. Shave using light gentle strokes. Rinse clean. Finish with a post-shave moisturizer. Can be used on face or sensitive body areas.

Why You’ll Love It:

⭐ Cushions Skin to Prevent Irritation – Thick foam layers skin for a frictionless shave.

⭐ Softens Stubble for a Close Shave – Special emollients lift and soften hairs.

⭐ Soothes and Calms Sensitive Skin – Chamomile and witch hazel extracts prevent discomfort.

⭐ Luxurious Lubricating Foam – Provides a slick frictionless glide for the razor.

⭐ Moisturizes as it Softens – Vitamin E prevents dryness during and after shaving.

⭐ Rich Creamy Lather – Thick foam for a smooth lubricated shave.

⭐ Dermatologist Approved – All Nivea Men’s products are tested for sensitive skin.

Give sensitive skin relief from shaving irritation with the Nivea Men Sensitive Shave Foam 6-Pack!


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