NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion for Dry to Very Dry Skin, Quick Moisture That Lasts 72 Hours



Get soothing relief for your dry, rough skin with the NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion. Formulated with deep nourishing serum and provitamin B5, this body moisturizer delivers moisture that lasts up to 72 hours. The fast-absorbing body lotion nourishes intensely to help restore dry skin’s natural moisture balance.

Quickly Nourish and Smooth Dry, Rough Skin

If your skin feels tight, flaky and uncomfortable, you need deep nourishment. NIVEA Intense Healing body lotion saturates skin with moisture to nourish dryness and roughness. The hydrating formula absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feel. Skin feels softer and smoother after just one use.

72 Hours of Deep, Soothing Moisture

Dry skin needs more than a quick moisture fix that disappears fast. NIVEA Intense Healing provides deep hydration that lasts. The enriched formula with NIVEA Deep Nourishing Serum keeps skin moisturized for up to 72 hours. Skin stays supple and smooth with this long-lasting moisturization.

Skin-Soothing Serum Helps Restore Moisture Balance

NIVEA understands that dry skin lacks lipids and moisture-binding ability. The Deep Nourishing Serum in this body lotion helps supply lipids to nourish and protect the skin barrier. The formula supports the skin’s natural moisture balance to prevent feelings of tightness and discomfort.

Provitamin B5 for Intense, Deep Hydration

Provitamin B5 is an effective moisturizing ingredient known for its ability to attract and bind moisture to the skin. The provitamin B5 in this NIVEA body moisturizer acts like a moisture magnet to deliver deep hydration where your skin needs it most. This helps relieve dry, rough skin.

Pump Bottle for Convenient Application

The lotion comes in a pump bottle for easy dispensing when you need it. Whether you’re at home or work, you can conveniently moisturize dry areas like your arms, legs, and body without the mess of a jar. The 16.9 fl oz bottle provides a plentiful supply.

Dermatologically Tested for Sensitive Skin

NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion is gentle enough even for sensitive skin. It is dermatologically tested and approved as suitable for very dry, sensitive skin. The formula is dye-free and contains no fragrance to avoid any skin irritation.

Trusted NIVEA Quality Since 1911

For over 100 years, NIVEA has provided trusted, mild skin care products. NIVEA Intense Healing Body Lotion continues that tradition of quality German craftsmanship. This body moisturizer hydrates deeply to nourish very dry skin while being gentle enough for daily use.

How to Use

Apply liberally and gently massage the nourishing body lotion into dry areas that need intense moisture. Focus on extremely dry spots like knees, elbows, hands, and feet. For best results, apply daily, or more often as needed. Use after bathing while skin is slightly damp to seal in moisture.

Experience the intense healing power of NIVEA’s deeply nourishing body lotion. Satisfy your dry skin’s moisture needs for up to 72 hours and get touchably soft, smooth skin.


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