Neutrogena On-the-Go Makeup Eraser Stick for Quick Touchups and Corrections



Tired of makeup mistakes ruining your look? Want an easy way to fix smudged eyeliner, stray mascara, or lipstick smears on-the-go? Introducing the Neutrogena On-the-Go Makeup Eraser Stick, the quick and convenient way to erase makeup mistakes and stubborn makeup residue when you don’t have time for a full cleanse.

Erases Stubborn Makeup with Precision

The Neutrogena Makeup Eraser Stick features a gel pen tip that allows you to precisely target and erase makeup mistakes. No more worrying about accidentally removing makeup you want to keep or making the problem worse. The gel formula is designed to gently dissolve and lift away stubborn makeup – whether it’s a smudged eyeliner wing, clumpy mascara under your eyes, or a lipstick stain on your teeth – without irritating your skin.

Infused with Soothing Vitamin E

While erasing makeup mistakes quickly and easily, the formula is also enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E to condition and soothe skin. The dermatologist-tested, oil-free gel glides smoothly over skin and rinses clean without leaving behind a greasy residue.

Perfect for On-the-Go Touch Ups

The Neutrogena Makeup Eraser Stick goes where you go for quick touch ups anytime, anywhere. Easily stash it in your purse, gym bag, or desk drawer thanks to its portable 0.04oz size. The twist-up gel pen doesn’t require sharpening and is perfect for travel so you can fix makeup mishaps no matter where you are.

Whether you’re headed to work, the gym, or out for the night, you never have to worry about walking around with makeup mistakes again. Just swipe the Makeup Eraser Stick over any cosmetic blunders for a quick fix!

How to Use

Using the Makeup Eraser Stick is simple:

  • Hold tube steady and twist base until gel tip is exposed.
  • Gently swipe gel tip directly over makeup mistake, concentrating on one area at a time.
  • Allow gel to dissolve and lift makeup, wiping away with a tissue if necessary.
  • Repeat swiping over area until all traces of makeup are erased.
  • When finished, twist base to retract gel tip and cap tube.

Perfect For Erasing:

  • Eyeliner smudges – lines gone awry are no match for the precise tip.
  • Mascara flakes and smears – easily wipe away stray mascara under eyes or on lids.
  • Eyeshadow fallout – tidy up glitter, shimmer, or powder shadows that have drifted.
  • Brow mishaps – neatly shape brows and erase pigment outside of lines.
  • Lipstick stains – wipe away smeared lip color from teeth, chin, or around mouth.


How is the Makeup Eraser Stick different from makeup remover wipes?

The chubby gel pen tip allows you to precisely target small areas and makeup mishaps. The twist-up tube is ideal for on-the-go touch ups.

Can it be used around the eyes and lips?

Yes, the formula is ophthalmologist tested and safe for use around the eyes and lips. The gentle vitamin enriched formula won’t irritate delicate skin.

Do you need water to use it?

No. The gel stick helps breakdown and dissolve makeup. Simply wipe away dissolved product with a tissue. No need for water.

Can it remove waterproof makeup?

The stick works well to breakdown long wearing and waterproof formulations including eyeliner, brow products, and lip stains. May require extra swiping for some waterproof eye makeup. Follow with waterproof eye makeup remover if needed.

How long does the stick last?

With daily use, the convenient pen should last approximately 3 months. Twist up gel tip as product runs low until all has been used.

A Must-Have for Your Makeup Bag

Don’t let a makeup mishap ruin your day! Stash the Neutrogena Makeup Eraser Stick in your bag for quick on-the-go corrections. The precise gel pen lets you neatly erase makeup blunders anytime, anywhere. Plus the smoothing vitamin E formula prevents irritation so you can confidently fix smears and smudges. Grab the Makeup Eraser Stick and say goodbye to cosmetic catastrophes!


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