Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cleanser – Refreshing and Gentle Eye Makeup Remover that Vanishes Stubborn Mascara and Waterproof Eye Cosmetics



Tired of abrasive and oily makeup removers that irritate your eyes and leave an uncomfortable greasy film? Searching for a gentle, yet effective way to remove even stubborn waterproof mascara and long-wearing eye makeup without tugging or pulling at delicate skin? Look no further than Neutrogena’s Makeup Removing Cleanser, a refreshing dual-phase liquid formula that effortlessly removes all traces of eye makeup while soothing and hydrating the sensitive eye area.

Formulated with aloe, cucumber, and chamomile, this oil-free cleanser goes beyond makeup removal to cleanse and condition. The crisp cucumber extract delivers deep hydration and a cooling sensation, while chamomile calms and comforts. Soothing aloe vera provides lasting nourishment to the delicate tissue around the eyes. Together, these ingredients work in harmony to dissolve makeup, mascara and all, without compromising the health of your skin.

Getting started is easy. Simply shake the bottle to activate the formula and saturate a soft cotton pad. Gently sweep over closed eyes to melt away even waterproof eye makeup with ease. No rubbing or harsh pulling needed. The liquid breaks down stubborn cosmetics upon contact, enveloping mascara and lifting it away without stressing delicate eyelids. Follow up by rinsing with warm water to reveal refreshed, nourished skin.

What’s left behind is ultra clean yet comfortable, never greasy or oily. This lightweight remover won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. In fact, the clarifying botanical ingredients help prevent blackheads and blemishes by washing away impurities, dirt, and pollutants that can get lodged in crevices around the eyes. Even long wear foundations and concealers are no match for this gentle yet powerful formula.

Of course, maintaining the health of the sensitive eye area is of utmost importance. That’s why this remover is ophthalmologist tested and approved for even the most delicate skin. It’s safe for contact lens wearers too. The gentle no-rub application prevents irritation and allows you to remove eye makeup without disturbing your contacts.

Experience the difference of a cleanser that removes everything while nourishing your skin. No more oily residue, redness, stinging, or dry skin. Just refreshed, balanced, and healthy feeling eyes. Add Neutrogena’s Makeup Removing Cleanser to your nightly ritual for clean, happy skin.


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