Neon Nights UV Body Paint Set – Glow in The Dark Body Paint for a Mesmerizing Look Under Blacklights



Experience the neon nightlife in a whole new light with the Neon Nights UV Body Paint Set. This glow in the dark body paint kit contains 8 vivid neon colors that transform under blacklights into a breathtaking luminescent look. Achieve the ultimate neon vibes at your next music festival, rave, Halloween party or night out on the town.

Vibrant Neon Colors That Glow Under UV Blacklights

This professional quality body paint glows spectacularly under UV blacklights. The 8 vivid neon colors – pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and red – create a mesmerizing look at any UV party or event. The premium paint formula applies smoothly and evenly onto skin for flawless coverage.

The neon pigments are designed to absorb UV light, causing the paint to glow brightly when under a blacklight. It’s an electrifying look that is sure to turn heads and get you noticed in the crowd. The vivid neon colors pop against the darkness of the club or party for an eye-catching appearance unlike anything else.

Made in Germany with Safe, High-Quality Ingredients

Produced in Germany with the highest safety and quality standards, this UV body paint is specially formulated to be gentle on skin. The ingredients are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free.

The formula provides a comfortable feel when applied and won’t cause irritation. It’s safe enough to use on children over 3 but vibrant enough for adults who want a thrilling neon look. The paint is made without any harsh chemicals, parabens or paraffin oils that can be harmful.

You can feel confident putting this professional grade body paint on your skin. Even those with sensitive skin can partake in the neon fun.

Easy On and Off – No Mess, No Stress

This user-friendly body paint couldn’t be simpler to apply. The consistency makes it easy to paint intricate designs but also quickly cover large areas of skin. The paint goes on evenly and smoothly for a flawless neon look every time.

Best of all, this body paint comes off just as easily as it goes on. You don’t need harsh chemicals or vigorous scrubbing to remove it. Simply use soap and water to wash the paint away with minimal effort.

It won’t stain skin or clothing. The formula is designed not to leave any messy residue or build up on the skin. Take it off stress-free whenever you’re ready for your nighttime adventure to end.

Perfect for Festivals, Parties, Photoshoots and More

This is the ultimate glow in the dark body paint kit for:

Music Festivals – Bring some neon magic and radiance to your festival experience. Paint colorful designs all over yourself to fit right in with festival culture. Your whole body can become a blacklight art project!

EDM Concerts and Raves – A rave just isn’t complete without splashes of neon and UV lights. The blacklights will make the paint sparkle for an electrifying look on the dancefloor.

Nightclubs – Light up the night at your favorite club or bar. This paint ensures you’ll stand out and shine amongst the crowds.

Halloween Costumes – Take your costume to the next level with glow in the dark accents. Become a neon skeleton, creature, superhero and more!

Photoshoots – Add striking neon visuals to your next photoshoot. The vivid colors make for eye-catching looks in photos under UV lighting.

Parties – At late night house parties, the real fun doesn’t start until the blacklights turn on! Paint glowing designs on yourself and all your friends.

Kids Activities – Let kids explore their creativity by painting themselves with vibrant colors. It’ll make for lots of giggles and fun memories.

The possibilities are endless with 8 bright neon paints in one kit! Unleash your inner neon artist.

TSA Approved – Ideal for Travel

You won’t have any issues taking this UV body paint kit through airport security. The paints meet TSA requirements, meaning you can easily pack it in carry on luggage without hassle.

It’s perfect for transporting to whatever neon adventures you have planned. You can feel at ease bringing this paint on vacations, to festivals across the country, or wherever your party plans take you.

The convenient size and secure packaging prevents any mess or leaks during transit. The vivid colors will arrive ready to glow for flawless application anywhere you go.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee on the Neon Nights Body Paint Set. We want you to be fully satisfied with this top-quality glow in the dark paint. If for any reason you are unhappy, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement.

We stand behind our neon body paint and aim to make your experience using it a glowing success. Try it risk-free – the only thing you have to lose is the darkness!

Light Up the Night!

The Neon Nights UV Body Paint Set brings an electrifying burst of color to any blacklight occasion. Transform into a living neon vision under the glow of UV and experience nightlife in a whole new light. Click Add to Cart now to get the party started!


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