Neenoxtub Sensitive Eyelash Extension Glue – No Fume, Maximum Retention Adhesive for Extensions



Achieve strikingly beautiful lashes at home with this innovative eyelash extension glue from Neenoxtub. The no-fume formula provides a strong bond that lasts over 6 weeks, while remaining gentle on sensitive eyes.

Upgraded Gentle Formula

This eyelash glue features an upgraded formula that avoids the harsh fumes and odors of traditional extensions adhesives. The medically-tested, hypoallergenic formula is designed for use on sensitive eyes and skin.

Even with professional strength adhesion, this lash glue remains gentle. The no-irritation formula allows you to comfortably apply eyelash extensions yourself at home with eyes open.

No Fumes for Salon Use or DIY

Standard lash glues emit fumes that irritate eyes and airways – not Neenoxtub adhesive. This innovative formula produces zero fumes or odors, making it ideal for professional salon use or DIY lash application.

The clean formula provides maximum bonding power without the harsh chemicals. Extend the length and volume of your lashes without compromise using this healthy, fume-free adhesive.

Strong Bond for Over 6 Weeks of Wear

Specially engineered to provide exceptional bonding power, this eyelash glue provides retention rivaling salon application. The long-lasting formula adheres each lash extension securely along the natural lash line.

Your fuller, longer lashes will stay in place over 6 weeks with proper application and care. Enjoy beautiful eyelash extensions through holidays, vacations, weddings and special events without the need for fill appointments.

Fast Drying for Quick Application

This lash extension glue dries rapidly in just 3-5 seconds. The quick-bonding formula allows you to apply extensions swiftly for time-saving application. No more waiting around for glue to dry!

The fast dry time prevents mistakes and allows precise placement of each lash extension along the lash line. Easily achieve a natural or dramatic look in minutes.

Salon-Worthy Results from Home

Get luxuriously long lashes without the hassle and expense of lash salon appointments. This easy-to-use adhesive allows you to apply extensions yourself for beautiful results rivaling professional application.

Carefully apply the extensions along the natural lash line using the glue. Allow to fully cure for 24 hours before exposing to water to ensure proper bonding. Follow the included directions for stunning lashes.

Be Confident with Beautiful Lashes

Flaunt fuller, longer lashes with confidence using this exceptional lash extension glue. The sensitive, no-fume formula provides salon-worthy results and retention for over 6 weeks. Define your eyes beautifully without compromise using this innovative adhesive.


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