Nature’s Moisturizing Miracle – NOW Solutions 100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin – 16 oz



Discover the amazing versatility of pure vegetable glycerin with this 16 oz bottle from NOW Solutions. Glycerin is a natural humectant that draws moisture into the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and supple. This premium glycerin is 100% pure with no added ingredients and has endless uses and applications.

The Many Benefits of Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin, also referred to as glycerol or glycerine, has been used for beauty and skin care for centuries. Some of the many ways you can use glycerin include:

  • Facial moisturizer – Glycerin hydrates skin and helps retain moisture.
  • Body lotion – Mix with water for an ultra-hydrating daily moisturizer.
  • Soap making – Cold process soap made with glycerin results in a gentle bar that moisturizes as it cleans.
  • Hair care – Glycerin seals moisture into hair strands making it soft and shiny.
  • DIY cosmetics – An excellent solvent for creating your own natural beauty products.
  • Lubricant – Glycerin provides smooth lubrication for many applications.
  • Oral care – Some toothpastes contain glycerin for its moisturizing effects.
  • Shaving cream – Softens skin and improves razor glide for a close, comfortable shave.

The uses for pure vegetable glycerin are almost endless. It’s a natural humectant that is gentle and effective for all skin types. Glycerin is soluble in water so it can be diluted and blended into countless beauty formulations.

Highest Quality Pure Vegetable Glycerin

NOW Solutions Vegetable Glycerin is made using only the finest plant oils with no added artificial ingredients. It’s USA-made in an FDA registered facility following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This ensures the glycerin meets the highest standards for purity and quality.

The 100% pure glycerin formula contains no:

  • Harsh chemicals
  • Artificial stabilizers
  • Parabens
  • Fragrances
  • Alcohol
  • Phthalates

Experience the beautifying effects of vegetable glycerin like women have for generations. You can trust NOW Solutions for natural, plant-based, and responsibly-sourced ingredients.

Where to Use Vegetable Glycerin

Glycerin from NOW Solutions is truly a multi-purpose product. Keep a bottle on hand to enhance your beauty routine and make customized formulations. Ways to incorporate glycerin:

Skin Care

Add a few drops of glycerin to your favorite cleanser or moisturizer
Make a hydrating serum – mix glycerin, aloe vera gel, and essential oils
Homemade toner – combine glycerin, witch hazel, and rosewater

Hair Care

Pre-shampoo mask – coat strands with glycerin and cover with a shower cap
Curl defining cream – emulsify glycerin with coconut oil and natural gel
Frizz serum – mix glycerin, jojoba oil, and leave-in conditioner

Body Care

Super-moisturizing body butter – whirl glycerin with shea butter and coconut oil
Soothing massage oil – blend with sweet almond oil and vitamin E oil
Bath soak – add a few tablespoons of glycerin to warm bath water

Soap Making

Cold process soap – use glycerin to make amazingly moisturizing bars
Liquid hand soap – combine glycerin, castile soap, essential oils, and water
Bubble bath – stir glycerin into a kid-friendly bubble bath formula

Natural Cleaning

All-purpose cleaner – mix glycerin with water, vinegar, and essential oils
Glass cleaner – combine glycerin, water, vinegar, and lemon essential oil
Furniture polish – emulsify glycerin with olive oil and lemon juice
Experience the versatility and moisturizing power of vegetable glycerin for yourself. NOW Solutions 100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin is a natural beauty multitasker suitable for the entire family.


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