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Create gruesome zombie skin and special effects with Monster FX Liquid Latex! This professional-grade liquid latex dries fast and clear, allowing you to layer on the gore. Transform yourself, friends, kids, and props into bloody zombies and horrifying monsters with this versatile special effects makeup.

Dries Fast and Clear for Layered Effects

Monster FX Liquid Latex goes on white and dries completely transparent in about 10 minutes. The clear finish allows you to build up depth and dimension with multiple layers and colors. Add blood, wounds, scars, wrinkles, cracks, peeled skin, and more! The smooth finish blends seamlessly into the skin for ultra-realistic effects.

Safe and Easy to Apply and Remove

This liquid latex is specially formulated to be safe for skin. It’s non-toxic with a light aroma. The water-based formula applies smoothly and evenly. Use a latex sponge, stipple sponge, or brush to apply. Avoid hair and eyebrows. To remove, simply peel off and use cold cream or oil to dissolve residue. Wash off with soap and water. It won’t stain skin or clothes.

Creates Long-Lasting Special FX

The flexible latex holds up for hours of wear. Use it for Halloween costumes, cosplay, theater productions, zombie walks, parties, pranks, film, and more. Add acrylic paints, powders, tissues, scars, wounds, and other materials to create gory masterpieces and horrifying creatures. Works on skin or props.

Smooth Consistency for Easy Application

The creamy liquid formula has a smooth and creamy consistency that goes on easily. It has a thicker texture than face paint but thinner than rubber mask latex. It’s specially formulated not to irritate skin or clog pores for comfortable wear. The squeeze bottle allows you to control the flow.

4 oz of Special FX Makeup

This 4 fl oz bottle gives you plenty of liquid latex for multiple makeup applications and touch ups. A little goes a long way for long-lasting zombie skins and wounds. The squeeze bottle has a flip-top cap to prevent spills and leaks.

Create Unique Halloween Cosutmes

Why wear the same boring Halloween costume when you can create unique horror looks with Monster FX? Paint on some zombie flesh, bites, blood, wounds, scars, veins, bruises, and more. Layer on the gore for extra gruesome effects. Become a bloody zombie, creepy clown, or scary witch.

Fun for Halloween Parties

Monster FX is great for Halloween parties, haunted houses, and trick-or-treating. Brings the party to life by making guests look like zombies and monsters. Have a zombie walk or costume contest to show off your creepy creations. Use it as part of a mad scientists lab to make guests look freakishly transformed.

Safe for Kids

Monster FX Liquid Latex is safe for kids ages 6 and up. Help kids create unique costumes and makeup looks for Halloween.under supervision Keep away from eyes, mouth, and hair. Do a patch test before applying to skin to test for allergies or irritation. Avoid applying over large areas of skin.

Great for Cosplay and Theater

Level up your cosplay or theater makeup with Monster FX. Create realistic wounds, scars, alien skin, injuries and more. Make the makeup details pop by layering colors and textures. The latex holds up all day at comic conventions and performances. Blend it into skin seamlessly.

DIY Zombie Skin

Skip the expensive airbrush makeup kits. Create your own realistic zombie flesh at home with Monster FX. Stipple on layers of liquid latex, then add acrylic paints, powder pigments, and fake blood to add rotting skin textures. Seal with powder to reduce shininess.

Smooth and Professional Finish

Get smooth professional results without the mess of cheaper alternatives. Monster FX goes on evenly for perfect zombie skin every time. The squeeze bottle allows you to control the flow and layers. The creamy formula doesnt drip. Dries opaque white so you can see exactly where you applied it.

Creative Special FX Possibilities

Discover the creative possibilities with Monster FX Liquid Latex! Here are some ideas to inspire your creepy costumes and makeup:

  • Layer flesh tones and blood to create an exposed brain.
  • Make oozing wounds and autopsy scars with tissues and red paint.
  • Simulate burns with black stippling and red paint.
  • Paint on veins and build skin texture for vampire or zombie look.
  • Glue on hair clippings to face for wolfman effect.
  • Apply cracks and wrinkles for an aged monster skin.
  • Fill forehead and eye sockets with latex for a melted skin effect.
  • Create insect skin textures by stippling on dots and lines.
  • Sculpt dripping flesh and bone with tissues and toilet paper.

Let your creepy imagination run wild!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind Monster FX Liquid Latex with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not thrilled with the product, contact us for a full refund or replacement.

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