MLEN DIARY Manga Lashes – 120 Cluster Lashes for Glamourous & Charming Eyes!



Have you ever wanted naturally full, fluttery lashes that make your eyes pop? Look no further than the MLEN DIARY Manga Lashes 120 Cluster Lash Kit! These innovative cluster lashes deliver salon-quality volume and length in a fraction of the time.

Flaunt Gorgeous Manga Lashes in Minutes!

This kit includes 120 ultra-soft false lash clusters made with luxurious fibers to mimic mink. With lengths ranging from 9-12mm in varying curls and thicknesses, these clusters create a lush, dimensional look. Arrange the clusters from inner to outer corners for perfect placement every time. Just 5-6 clusters per eye give you stunning, eye-opening effects straight from the pages of Japanese manga.

So easy and beginner-friendly! Avoid the cost and hassle of professional extensions. Create full, flirty eyes at home whenever you want. These customizable clusters are the secret to making your eyes the focal point.

Unbeatable Quality for Comfort & Reuse

Japanese craftsmanship and innovative techniques ensure featherlight, flexible lashes that apply and wear like a dream. The flat, thin cotton bands grip easily without tugging at your natural lashes, while the soft fibers move seamlessly with your eyes. Customers love how lightweight and non-irritating these hypoallergenic fibers feel, even with sensitive eyes or contact lenses.

The durable, knot-free clusters stay intact for multiple uses when cared for properly. Use eye makeup remover to gently lift off the cotton bands after wear without shedding fibers. With proper storage, you can enjoy these luxe lashes over and over!

Effortless, Customizable Application

With the clusters neatly arranged from inner to outer corners, get professional-looking results at home!

Just follow these simple steps:

Clean eyelids and remove any makeup under the lash line. Make sure lashes are dry before applying adhesive glue.
Measure clusters along your lash line to determine placement. Use the short, medium and long clusters to accentuate your eyes.
Apply a thin layer of lash adhesive glue (not included) along the cotton lash band. Wait 30 seconds until tacky before applying.
Using tweezers (not included), set the lash cluster directly on your lash line and gently press down. The thin cotton bands easily mold along the lash line.
Once the clusters are in place, allow glue to fully dry before opening eyes. Avoid water-based makeup for 8 hours.
Customize length, volume and curl by layering and combining clusters until you achieve your perfect eye-framing lashes. With practice, you’ll be able to create stunning manga eyes in just minutes!

Flaunt Gorgeous Eyes for Any Occasion

Big date night? Glam up girls’ night out? Want to take your Zoom calls to the next level? These plush, full lashes ensure you look camera-ready and red carpet-fabulous whenever you need an extra boost of glamour.

The fluttery, fanned out effect opens up your eyes for a bright, wide-eyed look, while amping up the flirty flutter factor. No need for heavy layered mascara. Let your eyes make a statement!

From natural daytime enhancement to bombshell volume, these customizable clusters offer lightweight luxury. Even newbies can achieve professional results fast. Grab attention at your next:

  • Wedding or bridal events
  • Photoshoots
  • Parties, clubs & happy hours
  • Performances or presentations
  • Big meetings & events
  • Selfies & TikToks

Wake up your eyes and your look with the MLEN DIARY Manga Lash clusters. Show off gorgeously fluttery eyes any day!

The Perfect Gift for Lash Lovers

Treat your favorite beauty maven to the gift of glam! This all-inclusive kit takes the guesswork out of achieving gorgeous manga lashes at home. Any makeup devotee will appreciate these salon-worthy results without the hassle or expense of extensions.

Watch their face light up as they open this thoughtful gift box. With luxe packaging and 120 lash clusters, this is sure to delight any lash aficionado. Beautiful eyes are just clusters away!

Experience the Luxury of False Lash Clusters

Take your eyes to new levels with the quality and ease of MLEN DIARY Manga Lashes. Get lost in lush, fluttery lashes that dazzle from every angle. This lash lover’s dream kit delivers red carpet-worthy effects with beginner-friendly application.

Order now and unveil glam new eyes! Manga lash clusters are the effortless secret to mesmerizing eyes.


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