Make a Dramatic Statement with Luxurious Kiromiro Fluffy Mink 6D Strip Lashes



Tired of lackluster lashes? Ready to make a bold, beautiful statement with your eyes? Introducing the Kiromiro Fluffy Mink 6D False Eyelashes – ultra plush, fluttery lashes that are the absolute epitome of glamour. These lush mink strip lashes are designed to be super lightweight and comfortable, yet make a seriously dramatic impact. Say goodbye to sparse, stubby lashes. Hello to a bombshell bedroom eye that turns heads!

6 Layers of Fluffy, Feathery Volume

The Kiromiro mink lashes feature an innovative 6D design that creates incredible thickness, length and volume for your natural lashes. Each lash strip has 6 layers of fluffy, feather-soft mink hairs stacked one on top of another. This creates the illusion of incredible depth and dimension – it looks like you have six times the amount of lashes! Fanning and layering the hairs
creates that wispy, fluttery effect that instantly makes eyes appear larger and sultry. The voluminous 6D design also ensures zero gaps or sparseness along the lash line. Just full, thick, lush lashes all the way across!

Made from Cruelty-Free, Premium Quality Mink

The Kiromiro mink lashes are made from 100% cruelty-free faux mink fiber that mimics the soft texture and appearance of real mink fur. The hairs have a glossy, lightweight feel that is undetectable on your eyes. Compared to cheaper, rougher materials like plastic, the quality mink hairs are gentle enough to wear comfortably all day or night long. No poking, scratching or tickling – just pure luxury! The smooth mink hairs also blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.

Soft, Flexible Cotton Band for Comfortable Wear

The cotton lash band ensures the Kiromiro lashes lay gently along your natural lash line without tugging or pinching. Cotton has just the right amount of flexibility to mold perfectly to
the shape of your eyes. It also leaves zero residue behind on your lids. The soft cotton band means you can even trim the length to customize the fit! Get the exact comfortable, personalized look you desire.

Reusable for Multiple Uses

The Kiromiro mink lashes are durable enough for daily use. With proper care, you can get 5-10 wears out of each pair! Just use lash glue sparingly along the band, let it get slightly tacky before applying, and gently remove the lashes at the end of wear. Store the lashes in the box to keep their shape between uses. At approximately $10 per pair, you get so much value from being able to reuse them!

Easy to Apply for Beginners

Applying false lashes can seem intimidating, but the Kiromiro lashes make it simple even for beginners! There’s no need for professional eyelash extensions training or salon visits. Just use the included applicator and lash glue to quickly put them on at home. The flexible cotton strip molds right to your eyes for a perfect fit. Then use the applicator to gently press against your natural lashes to blend them. Voila! You’ve got bombshell bedroom eyes in minutes!

Cat Eye Shape for a Sultry Look

The Kiromiro eyelashes feature a wispy, fanned out cat eye shape that tapers longer and fluffier towards the outer corners. This mimics the shape of your natural lashes and creates a sultry, elongated effect. The cat eye really lifts, opens and brightens your eyes. It’s both glamorous and seductive at the same time! Play up the drama for nighttime by pairing it with winged liner. Or rock the cat eye shape during the day for a
wide-eyed, youthful appearance. Either way, you’ll love the eye-opening effect.

Contains Everything You Need to Achieve Flawless Lashes

The Kiromiro mink lash kit comes with:

5 pairs of fluffy mink strip lashes
Lash applicator wand
Hypoallergenic lash glue
Tweezers & application instructions
Everything you need for salon-quality lashes in one convenient kit! We took out all the guesswork so you can effortlessly achieve that bombshell eye look.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be 100% thrilled with your mink lashes purchase. That’s why we offer a no hassle, 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love your lashes, simply return them for a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose!

Give your lashes the luxury treatment and take your look to new heights with the Kiromiro Fluffy Mink 6D False Eyelashes. These indulgently soft mink lashes make putting on false lashes totally foolproof for beginners and pros alike. The innovative 6D volume design provides show-stopping thickness and flutter for seriously dramatic eyes in minutes. Ditch boring lashes and upgrade to these must-have mink strip lashes today!


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