Luxurious Lashes That Look and Feel Real



Get ready to make a dazzling impression with our Natural Cluster Lashes! These wispy and fluttery false lashes create a glamorous look that appears 100% natural.

Our innovative 3D multi-angle cross design ensures these lashes look stunning from every angle. The unique layered style with delicate criss-crossing lashes mimics the way natural lashes grow. These lashes add length, thickness and volume without appearing overdone.

These lashes feel as lovely as they look. The ultra-thin bands are made of soft hypoallergenic cotton so they are comfortable to wear all day long. The incredibly fine and flexible bands blend right into your natural lash line. Our cluster lashes are so lightweight you won’t even remember you’re wearing them!

The lush volume of our natural cluster lashes is created by the clever arrangement of the delicate wispy lashes. They are pre-stacked from root to tip so applying them is quick and easy. Within minutes you can achieve a eye-opening look that is glamorous yet completely natural. No one will guess you have false lashes on!

Our cruelty-free natural lashes are made from the highest quality materials for a look that lasts all day. The durable bands retain their shape so you can get over a dozen uses from each set. Why pay salon prices when you can achieve the same professional results in the comfort of your home?

Get ready to wow everyone with your vibrant eyes! Here are just a few occasions when these natural looking falsies make a stunning statement:

Date Night
Turn heads on your next romantic evening out. These flirty lashes boost confidence so you can focus on connecting with your partner.

Girls’ Night Out
Get the girls together for a fun evening of laughter and memories. These lashes make your eyes dazzle so you’re picture perfect all night long.

From the emotional walk down the aisle to the epic reception entrance, these lashes ensure all eyes are on the bride. Let your natural beauty shine through with a little extra flutter!

Mark your academic achievement in style. Fake lashes help your eyes stand out in all those important pictures on your big day.

Job Interviews
Make a great first impression at your next career opportunity. Eyelash extensions give you an instant boost of confidence and professionalism.

Strut your stuff in front of the camera with bold beautiful eyes. False lashes amp up the glamour in an instant for showstopping photos.

Parties & Events
Get gussied up for the big party! A few wisps of lush lashes ensure you’ll look photo ready all night long.

You truly can’t go wrong bringing a little extra flutter to any occasion. Our natural looking false lashes are your secret weapon to get ready in a flash. Keep an extra pair in your makeup bag for whenever you need a quick boost of glam!

The unique design of our natural cluster lashes makes applying them a total breeze:

Step 1: Prep your natural lashes with lash curler and mascara if desired. Trim band of falsies to fit your eye width if needed.

Step 2: Apply a thin line of lash glue (not included) along the lash band. Wait 30 seconds for glue to get tacky.

Step 3: Line up the lash band right against your natural lash line. Gently press into place at the center first, then outer and inner corners.

Step 4: Hold in place for 30 seconds until glue sets. Then just add mascara and you’re done!

Pro Tip: For best results, size down the bands with small scissors to customize fit. Trim from the outer corner.

Experience the sheer joy of batting your new lush lashes! Natural looking falsies open up your eyes and elevate your overall look instantly. You’ll wish you had discovered false lashes sooner once you see how much confidence you gain.

Take your look from drab to fab with the flick of a lash! Our cruelty-free 3D mink false lashes are made for fun and feel good days. Add an extra flutter to your natural beauty whenever you want to pump up the glam.

One set of our innovative natural cluster lashes provides over a dozen memorable wearings. At this amazing value you can stock up on this lash wardrobe essential. Keep a pair at the ready for instant glamour morning, noon and night!


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