Luscious Lashes that Lift Your Look



Introducing the TOOCHUNAG Natural Fox Eye Lashes, the fluttery falsies that will take your eyes to new heights. These wispy mink lashes are designed to create the coveted “fox eye” look that elongates, lifts, and opens up the eyes for a seriously striking gaze. Keep reading to learn why these will become your new go-to lashes for head-turning glamour!

Flaunt Fluttery Faux Mink
Too often, false eyelashes can feel stiff, heavy, and uncomfortable. But not these feathery soft lashes! Crafted with 6 smooth layers of faux mink fur, these flexible falsies conform to the natural shape of your eyes for weightless wear. The ultra-fine hairs diffused throughout create beautiful texture and dimension for luxurious, multi-dimensional lashes that look and feel incredibly lifelike.

Seductive Shape in a Subtle Curl

What makes these lashes so foxy is their expertly designed shape. They extend outwards at the outer corners to elongate the eyes for a feline finish. The wispy lengths graduate from shorter to longer moving outward, fanning outwards for added volume and lift. A subtle C-curl opens the eyes up wider, while a delicate crisscross pattern gives the illusion of fuller lashes. The result is a eye-catching, elongated shape with a sexy fox eye effect.

Flawless Fit for All Day Wear
With a lightweight, tapered band crafted with sturdy yet flexible clear cotton thread, these falsies contour to fit your natural lash line seamlessly. The invisible band blends in flawlessly and provides a secure hold that stays put from day to night. No need for lash glue with the handy included latex-free adhesive pads that provide hassle-free application in seconds.

Simply peel and stick for a perfect fit that outlasts even your most epic days. No poking, prodding, slipping, or cave-ins with these fuss-free falsies! The clear cotton band also allows your real lashes to blend in naturally, avoiding any awkward gaps or uneven lines.

Next-Level Lashes in Minutes
Take your look from basic to bombshell in just minutes! Unlike lash extensions that take hours and cost a fortune, you can apply these luxe lashes in seconds. No special tools or skills required – simply use the included applicator and you’re ready for next-level lashes.

Whether you’re a lash rookie or pro, you’ll find these are oh-so easy to apply. The tapered band places perfectly along your lash lines, while the featherlight fabric lays softly against your lids without any poking or scratching. Even sensitive eyes can enjoy these gentle giants.

Pretty and Practical Long-Lasting Lashes
Of course glam goddess lashes should be gorgeous, but they also need to be durable! Crafted from premium quality materials, TOOCHUNAG Lashes can withstand up to 15 wears with proper care. Simply gently remove the adhesive pads after wear and store in the enclosed case to keep them clean and protected.

Between the comfy cotton band and faux mink fur, you’ll find these withstand daily activities with no issues. No need to worry about these lovelies lifting up or falling off at inopportune times. You can keep up your active lifestyle and still rock bombshell lashes!

Customizable for Any Occasion
With both full volume and natural looks in the collection, you’ll find lashes perfect for any occasion – from everyday wear to over-the-top glam. Layer together different styles to create a customized look for your unique eyes and personal taste.

The Wispy Fox Eye style delivers featherlight fringe that opens up the eyes subtly, ideal for daytime. Meanwhile, the Luscious Volume style pumps up the drama with longer lengths and multidimensional volume perfect for nights out. Mix and match for gorgeous lashes catered to your life!

Ditch the Mascara, Grab the Glamour
Say goodbye to the hassle of clumsy mascara application and smudgy raccoon eyes! These mink fur falsies add eye-opening length and volume without the mess of mascara running down your face on hot days. No need to lug around mascara for touch ups – your lashes will stay fabulously fluffy and fixed in place no matter what adventures you get up to.

Mascara also has a tendency to clump, flake, and rub onto your brow and undereye area. But you won’t have any of those issues with false eyelashes. You can skip mascara altogether and spend that extra 10 minutes snagging a little more sleep instead!

Cruelty-Free for Confident Beauty
TOOCHUNAG is proud to use only vegan and cruelty-free materials in our false eyelashes. You can feel good knowing no animals suffered in the making of these marvelous mink lashes. The synthetic fur provides the same sensational texture as real mink, without any of the ethical concerns.

We believe beauty should lift you up, not weigh you down. Our entire collection of falsies allows you to enhance your natural beauty with confidence. Bold and beautiful lashes that align with your values – now that’s something to flutter about!

Your New Go-To for Wide Awake Eyes
Give your makeup look major lift with the TOOCHUNAG Natural Fox Eye Lashes. Crafted with plush faux mink, precisely tapered lengths, and flexible cotton bands, these top-rated falsies check all the boxes. Easy to apply, ultra-comfy and reusable, they deliver striking, runway-worthy eyes in an instant.

Take your look up a notch without the hassle of extensions. Create bedroom eyes without clumpy, messy mascara. Simply peel, stick, and go – it’s really that easy. Whether you’re headed out for girls’ night or just want to amp up your eyes for Zoom, you’ll reach for these lashes again and again. Flaunt fluttery fringe with TOOCHUNAG. Your new favorite falsies have arrived!


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