Goodbye Blemishes and Hello Clear Skin Serum



Tired of stubborn dark spots, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation showing up to dull your complexion? It’s time to say goodbye to blemishes and hello to clear, glowing skin with the numbuzin No.5 Goodbye Blemish Serum. Formulated with a potent blend of Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and antioxidants, this lightweight Korean skin care serum helps brighten, even out skin tone, fade dark spots and acne marks, and reveal your most radiant complexion.

Fades Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Battling dark spots left behind from past breakouts? This serum contains two powerful ingredients – Vitamin C and Niacinamide – that work together to inhibit melanin production and help fade hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C is a proven skin brightener that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and age spots, while niacinamide balances skin tone. With continued use, those stubborn dark marks from old acne will start to diminish.

Brightens Skin Tone

Dull, uneven skin tone can make you look older than you are. The Goodbye Blemish Serum contains antioxidants that help brighten your overall complexion so you radiate a more youthful glow. It also works to minimize pores and refine texture. Your skin will look smoother, more even-toned, and luminous.

Fights Breakouts and Acne

Not only does this serum fade acne scars, but it also helps prevent future blemishes from forming. The niacinamide controls excess oil production to keep pores clear while the antioxidants neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation – two main causes of acne. With continued use, you’ll notice less frequent breakouts.

Lightweight Gel Texture

Unlike some serums and creams that feel heavy or greasy on the skin, the Goodbye Blemish Serum has a refreshing lightweight gel texture. It absorbs quickly without leaving behind any sticky residue or greasy film. The formula feels cool and comforting on the skin, never heavy or clogging.

Korean Skin Care Technology

This serum harnesses the latest advancements in Korean skin care technology to deliver real results. Korean skincare is renowned worldwide for its innovative ingredients and effective formulations. numbuzin creatively blends proven brightening, acne-fighting, and antioxidant ingredients into one multi-tasking serum that transforms lackluster complexions.

How to Use

After cleansing skin, use the dropper applicator to apply 3-4 drops of serum evenly across your face. Gently pat the serum into your skin until it is fully absorbed. For best results, use morning and evening. You can follow up with your favorite moisturizer. Add an extra layer to darker areas like acne scars to target brightening benefits.

Key Ingredients

  • Vitamin C: Brightens skin tone, fades dark spots/hyperpigmentation
  • Niacinamide: Minimizes pores, balances skin tone, reduces acne
  • Antioxidants: Neutralize free radicals, reduce inflammation, refine skin texture

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our serum. If for any reason you are not satisfied, return the unused portion within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

Give your skin the brightness and clarity it deserves! Say goodbye to lingering blemishes and hello to clear, radiant skin with the numbuzin No.5 Goodbye Blemish Serum today.


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