Give Your Eyes a Dramatic Yet Natural Look with These Versatile Mink Faux Lashes



Flaunt Lusciously Long and Full Lashes in Just Seconds!

Tired of lackluster lashes that disappear into your makeup? Want to make your eyes pop instantly without the hassle of glueing on multiple falsies? Then you need the Newcally Lashes Mink Fluffy False Eyelashes for the eyelash transformation of your dreams!

Crafted with premium synthetic mink fur that looks and feels luxuriously soft like real mink, these 5D faux mink strip lashes add incredible thickness, length and volume that brings your eyes into full focus.

Unlike cheap plastic lashes that look obviously fake, these mink lashes blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. With a lightweight, feathery design, you’ll forget you’re even wearing falsies!

Perfect for both day and night wear, this 20 pair multipack comes with 4 versatile lash styles to match any makeup look:

Wispy and Natural – Subtle but impactful, these lighter lashes add a touch of fullness perfect for work or running errands. still long enough to make your eyes pop!

Fluffy and Dramatic – Channel diva energy with these glamorous lashes. Full from lash band to tip for scene-stealing eyelash impact with your night-out makeup.

Ultra-Voluminous – The boldest of the bunch, these indulgently full lashes make a seriously eye-catching style statement. Heavy, curly 5D lashes guaranteed to get you noticed!

With 20 pairs (5 of each style) included, you’ll always have backup lashes on hand when you’re in the mood for doe-eyed glam. Lashes can be worn up to 10 times if cleaned between uses.

Newcally Mink Lashes Set Your Eyes Apart with Luscious Volume

Lackluster lashes got your eyes looking dull and tired? Instantly set your peepers apart with the bombshell-worthy volume of Newcally Mink Lashes!

Crafted strand-by-strand with fluffy 5D synthetic mink fur for incredible softness and flexibility, these falsies mold to your natural lash line for a fit so perfect you’ll forget you have them on!

The super fine 0.15mm band is designed to be weightless on your lids, preventing pinching, poking and discomfort.

While cheap plastic lashes can look clumpy and costumey, these mink strip lashes have a refined, feather-light finish that augments your real lashes seamlessly.

With lengths up to 20mm and all-over volume from base to tips, these intense lashes make eyes dazzle! Bat your lashes and watch as people are mesmerized by your dreamy gaze.

Flaunt a Diva-Worthy Fringe with Mink False Lashes

Lashes should command attention, not blend into your makeup. That’s why Newcally designed these mink falsies for seriously eye-catching, diva-level volume and length!

The secret lies in the unique 5D design. Each lash is crafted with airy arrangements of delicate synthetic mink fur, building incredible fluffiness and thickness.

While cheap plastic lashes look blunt and spidery, these mink lashes have feathered, fanned out tips for a refined finish. Without clumping or bulking, they fan out to amplify your eyes’ natural shape.

With shiny jet black color, they blend beautifully with your real lashes while still ensuring your eyes stay center stage!

Bat your lashes and let these bombshell falsies do all the work to get you noticed! Thick, long and fluttery – they add movie star dimension to every flutter.

Enjoy All-Day Comfort with Flexible Lightweight Lashes

False lashes shouldn’t weigh down your lids or poke at your eyes – they should make you forget they’re even there!

That’s why Newcally designed these falsies with your comfort in mind. Silky-soft synthetic mink fur and an ultra-fine 0.15mm lash band mold to your eyes with barely-there lightweight comfort.

The flexible, seamless band lays gently along your lash line without pinching or poking. Forget itchy glue and bulky bands that dig into your lid!

Even after hours of wear, you won’t have to worry about sore eyes or blurred vision. No more reapplying lash glue or poking stray hairs back into place. Just smooth, feathery comfort!

The bendable lashes also allow you to trim them to perfectly fit your eye shape. Customize them to your needs for personalized comfort and flawless application every time.

With comfort this effortless, you can flaunt bombshell lashes any day of the week!

Flaunt False Lashes That Elevate Every Makeup Look

False lashes shouldn’t be saved for special occasions – with the right pair, they can become your go-to secret weapon for wide awake, dazzling eyes!

Thanks to the incredibly comfortable construction, you can wear these falsies from morning ’til night without irritation. Throw them on for a day at the office to frame your eyes subtly yet strikingly.

Then at night, choose a more dramatic, voluminous style for after-hours glam! The 4 versatile styles included allow you to match your mood and activities.

Bat your lashes at brunch in the Wispy naturals, turn heads at happy hour in the Diva lashes, then amp up the after party in the Bombshell pair!

With so many stunning options, your real lashes will be getting some much needed rest. Let the falsies do all the work to amplify your eyes for any occasion!

Pamper Your Peeper with the Gift of Luscious Lashes

Want to treat yourself or a loved one to a extra dash of glamour? Surprise them with the gift of bombshell lashes!

Housed in a chic floral box, this lash set is the ultimate gift for the diva in your life. Or keep all 20 pairs for yourself as a glam self-care pick-me-up!

With 4 styles included from subtle and sweet to ultra-glam, these mink lashes elevate every makeup look. Plus they can be worn up to 10 times each with proper care.

Watch your recipient’s eyes light up as they open the box to find an entire lash wardrobe inside! There’s no better way to indulge the beauty lover in your life than with the transformative power of mink falsies.

Bat Your Lashes in Luxurious Faux Mink by Newcally

Newcally is dedicated to bringing you quality eyelash enhancements that balance affordability with luxury.

Our team has 20+ years experience crafting faux mink lashes that rival salon extensions at a fraction of the price and hassle.

Using innovative designs and premium materials like flexible ultra-fine bands and lush synthetic mink fur, our falsies check every box: lightweight, comfortable and undetectably blendable.

Experience the transformative power of false lashes without poking, itching or obstructing your vision. Our goal is lash luxury that anyone can afford!

With thousands of satisfied customers and glowing reviews, you can trust Newcally for all your lash enhancement needs. Our versatile lash collections allow you to switch up your style on a whim – from barely-there naturals to ultra-glam bombshells.

Give your eyes an instant upgrade and complete your look with the magic of mink falsies! Simply select your desired lash effect from this 20 pair mink set – amplified eyes are just seconds away.

Add these must-have lashes to cart now and get ready to bat those beauties like never before! Your new look starts with just one flutter.


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