Get Perfectly Defined Brows with the Music Flower Eyebrow Pencil



Introducing the Music Flower Eyebrow Pencil – The Long-Lasting Brow Pen that Creates Natural-Looking, Hair-Like Strokes for Beautifully Defined Brows

Tired of eyebrow pencils that are hard to apply and leave your brows looking harsh and unnatural? Want beautifully defined brows that frame your face and enhance your natural features? Then it’s time to try the Music Flower Eyebrow Pencil.

This innovative brow pen features a unique 4 micro-fork tip design that allows you to create hair-like strokes that mimic the look of real eyebrows. The super fine tips grab onto the tiniest hairs to fill in sparse areas for full, natural-looking brows.

Whether you want to create an eyebrow shape, fill in gaps, or draw in individual hairs, the Music Flower Eyebrow Pencil makes it easy. The four forked tips give you the versatility to draw slim lines, add depth and definition, or fill larger areas.

Long-Lasting, Waterproof Formula Stays Put All Day

This eyebrow pen doesn’t just go on smoothly, it also stays put. The smudge-proof, waterproof formula is designed to last all day without fading, running or rubbing off.

Rain or shine, workout or girls night out, your brows will stay looking fab morning tonight. No need for constant touchups! The transfer-proof formula sets quickly so you can fill in your brows and be out the door in a flash.

Available in 4 Natural-Looking Shades

Whether you’re a brunette, blonde, redhead or have black hair, you’ll find a shade that complements your hair color perfectly.

The Music Flower Eyebrow Pencil comes in:

Chestnut – a rich neutral brown that works well for brunettes
Reddish Brown – a soft auburn shade ideal for redheads
Black – a classic deep black that looks great on raven or black hair
Dark Grey – a cool-toned grey that mimics naturally grey hair
The smooth, creamy formula glides on easily in soft, feathery strokes. Choose the shade that matches your brow color or go slightly lighter for a more natural look.

Multi-Use Pen is Perfect for Brows, Beards, Hairlines

Get more out of your eyebrow pencil! This multi-use pen isn’t just for your brows. You can also use it to:

  • Fill in patchy beards or mustaches
  • Conceal stray grays along the hairline
  • Add depth and definition to sideburns
  • Fill in hair loss along the part or hairline

The fine tip lets you draw in individual hairs for the most natural look, whether you’re using it on your brows or anywhere else.

Microblading Results Without the Commitment

Get that filled-in microblading look without paying for expensive brow treatments. The super fine forked tips let you draw on hair-like strokes that mimic the results of microblading or brow feathering.

Define the shape, fill in gaps, and create texture, dimension and density that rivals professional brow services. You get long-lasting wear without the expensive price tag or commitment.

Lightweight & Portable Brow Pen for On-the-Go Touchups

Don’t let sparse brows slow you down. This portable brow pen easily fits into your makeup bag, purse or pocket.

Toss it in your gym bag for quick touchups after a workout, keep it in your desk drawer for midday pick-me-ups, or bring it along in your purse for brow emergencies.

The lightweight, slim pen is perfect for travel. Don’t take up valuable space in your carryon with bulky eyebrow products. This slim pen packs a powerful punch yet takes up hardly any room.

The Perfect Gift for the Beauty Lover

Looking for a gift for the beauty maven in your life? This brow pen makes a thoughtful gift for:

  • Teen girls learning to perfect their makeup
  • Busy moms who need quick, easy makeup application
  • Frequent travelers who need portable beauty tools
  • Bridesmaids getting ready for the big day
  • Friends who love all things makeup and beauty

It also makes a wonderful stocking stuffer, birthday, holiday, or bridesmaid proposal gift.

How to Use the Music Flower Eyebrow Pencil

Using the Music Flower Eyebrow Pencil is quick and easy:

Remove the cap and gently pull out the micro-fork applicator tips. Wipe off any excess product on a tissue.
Start by defining the shape you want for your brows. Use the tip to sketch in hair-like strokes following the natural shape of your brow.
Next, use short light strokes to fill gaps and add definition. Avoid pressing too hard or drawing on solid, harsh lines.
Brush brows upward with a spooley brush to blend. Use the tip to draw in additional hairs if needed.
Finish by setting brows with a clear brow gel to keep hairs in place all day.
For best results, keep the brow pen stored upright with the cap tightly closed when not in use. This prevents the formula from drying out so it stays creamy and easy to apply.

Experience perfect brows that won’t fade, run or rub off! Get the Music Flower Eyebrow Pencil today and create naturally defined brows that frame your face beautifully.


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