Geeneiya Wispy Mink Lashes – Ultra Lightweight Cat Eye Flat Lashes for Dramatic, Fluttery Eyes



Elevate your eyes with the wispy, ultra-lightweight mink lashes from Geeneiya. These handmade false eyelashes feature a unique elliptical design that creates a naturally wispy, fanned out look while remaining 70% lighter than traditional strip lashes. The lightweight construction prevents heaviness on your natural lashes and lids for comfortable, all-day wear.

These mink fur lashes are made with 0.20mm D-curl PBT synthetic fibers, with two delicate tips at the end of each lash hair. This innovative design mimics the subtle taper of real eyelashes, blending seamlessly with your natural lashes. The matte black finish looks like true mink for beautiful definition that flatters every eye shape.

Fluttery, Feathery Cat Eye Effect

Geeneiya’s elliptical strip design adds dramatic length and volume on the outer corners of your eyes for a cat eye effect. The longer, more voluminous ends flutter beautifully when you blink and turn your head. This unique shape lifts your eyes and adds a touch of glamour, perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

The slightly shorter lashes near the inner corners create a fanned out, feathered look. This prevents a heavy, spidery appearance and creates a soft gradient effect. The wispy mink hairs look airy and fluttery for wide, doll-like eyes.

Salon-Quality Volume Without the Hassle

Achieve the look of lash extensions without the time, expense and maintenance. Geeneiya’s wispy mink lashes mimic the soft, fluffy volume of individual extensions. Each ultra-fine lash hair diffuses light to create the illusion of fuller lashes from root to tip.

Forget about infills and touch-ups. Simply apply these falsies as needed for instant eyelash enhancement. The durable, flexible band allows for multiple comfortable wears so you can get your money’s worth.

Natural Yet Glamorous

While dramatically volumizing, these mink fur falsies appear seamless and natural. The matte finish avoids the obvious sheen of cheap plastic lashes. And the handmade construction results in soft, frayed ends like real mink hairs.

The lightweight fibers prevent heaviness, discomfort and potential damage to natural lashes. Enjoy luxurious mink lashes comfortably all day, from work to evenings out.

Both beginners and lash extension lovers will delight in the easy, natural application. Gentle cotton fibers along the lash band allow smooth adherence to your natural lash line. No need for messy glues – simply press into place.

Experience the Geeneiya Difference

Treat yourself to the exceptional quality of Geeneiya mink lashes. Made from environmentally-friendly, 100% handcrafted cotton, these eyelashes deliver stunning looks without compromise.

Experience unbeatable comfort with the ultra-lightweight design. Enjoy durable construction that allows for multiple wears per pair. Take advantage of the wispy, fluttery cat eye design made for enhancing your natural eye shape.

With Geeneiya, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty. Our unique mink lash design delivers both. For eyes that dazzle from day to night, choose Geeneiya.

Product Details:

  • 100% handmade from environmentally-friendly cotton
  • Elliptical cat eye shape with wispy, flared ends
  • 0.20mm D-curl PBT synthetic mink fibers
  • Matte black finish blends seamlessly with natural lashes
  • 70% lighter weight than traditional falsies
  • Soft, tapered 0.2mm ends on each lash hair
  • Flexible cotton lash band for comfortable wear
  • Cruelty-free and vegan friendly

How to Apply:

  1. Ensure eyes are clean and free of makeup, oil and debris
  2. Use lash glue or adhesive along the cotton lash band and wait 30 seconds to get tacky
  3. Look down into a mirror and apply along the natural lash line
  4. Press into place, holding for 30 seconds or until fully bonded
  5. Ensure bands are fully adhered at inner and outer corners
  6. Wait at least 5 minutes for glue to dry before opening eyes fully

Experience the next level of wispy, feathered mink lashes with Geeneiya. Our unique, handmade false eyelashes allow you to bat those fluttery, doll-like lashes in comfort all day long.


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