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Is your skin feeling parched and tight? Do you find yourself constantly reapplying lotion just to get a hint of relief? Dry, flaky skin can make you feel uncomfortable in your own body. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With NIVEA’s Original Moisture Body Lotion, you can drench your skin in softness and say goodbye to dryness for good.

This rich, nourishing body lotion provides a full 48 hours of deep hydration. The advanced formula with Deep Moisture Serum and Vitamin E replenishes your skin’s moisture reservoir to keep it supple and smooth long after application. Just one use leaves skin feeling velvety soft, but the moisture is locked in to deliver 2 days of continuous hydration.

NIVEA understands that dryness needs more than just a quick fix. It requires intense, long-lasting hydration. This body lotion for dry skin delivers exactly that. The unique Deep Moisture Serum infuses skin with ingredients that bind moisture to the surface while supporting healthy lipid production underneath. Meanwhile, antioxidant Vitamin E protects against environmental aggressors to prevent moisture loss.

You’ll notice a difference in your skin right away. Rough patches and flakiness seem to melt away as NIVEA’s rich formula spreads over your body. Skin feels immediately softer and smoother, with a healthy, supple appearance. But the nourishment doesn’t stop there. NIVEA’s formula keeps replenishing moisture for 2 full days, so dryness and tightness won’t return. Your skin will stay silky smooth no matter what your day brings.

Key Features:

  • 48 hours of hydration: Deep Moisture Serum and nourishing ingredients provide 2 days of continuous moisture to banish dry skin.
  • Vitamin E enriched: Antioxidant Vitamin E protects moisture in the skin and prevents environmental damage.
  • Fast absorption: Unique quick-absorbing, non-greasy formula softens and smooths skin immediately.
  • Intense hydration: Advanced ingredients bind moisture to the skin and support the lipid moisture barrier.
  • Convenient pump: Bottle dispenses just the right amount of lotion for application on body or hands.

Say Goodbye to Dry, Flaky Skin

Dry skin can make you feel uncomfortable no matter where you are. Tight, flaky skin stops you from enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Like lounging with a good book on a Sunday afternoon or curling up with your loved ones to watch a movie. With NIVEA Original Moisture Lotion, you can have soft, touchable skin and savor these cozy moments.

This body lotion transforms your skin’s texture right away. The rich, creamy formula melts into a silky emulsion that softens and smooths on contact. Dry patches drink up the moisture and feel supple once again. Skin stays touchably soft for 2 full days, so you can lounge, play, and relax comfortably.

Flaky, peeling skin steals your confidence. It makes you want to hide under layers of clothing and shy away from human touch. But NIVEA Original Moisture Body Lotion nourishes your skin deeply. The 48-hour hydration replenishes flaky areas and supports your moisture barrier. Skin looks and feels healthy, radiant, and smooth. You’ll feel comfortable and confident again.

Deep Hydration That Lasts

NIVEA understands that dry skin needs much more than just a quick moisture fix. It requires deep nourishment that lasts. This body lotion delivers intense 48-hour hydration using advanced skincare technology.

The star ingredient is Deep Moisture Serum, a unique blend of hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and natural lipids like jojoba oil. Hyaluronic acid acts like a moisture magnet, binding water to the skin’s surface. The glycerin and natural lipids replenish your skin’s own moisture reservoirs to keep levels balanced.

This intense hydration system provides both instant softness and long-lasting relief. Right after applying, skin is left feeling supple and smooth. But the nourishment continues for a full 48 hours. Your skin stays quenched no matter how long your day is or what the weather’s like.

Protect and Nourish With Vitamin E

In addition to intense hydrators, NIVEA Original Moisture Lotion also contains antioxidant Vitamin E. This powerhouse nutrient provides even more skin-nourishing benefits.

Vitamin E helps lock in moisture by strengthening your skin’s natural moisture barrier. It supports lipid production to prevent water loss. The antioxidant properties also help protect cells from damage that can lead to dryness and flaking.

By including Vitamin E, this body lotion provides complete nourishment. Your skin gets deeply hydrated, while also receiving antioxidant care. Vitamin E works together with the Deep Moisture Serum to keep your skin supple, healthy, and smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the moisture last?

This body lotion provides intense hydration that lasts up to 48 hours. The advanced formula with Deep Moisture Serum keeps skin continuously nourished long after you apply.

What skin types can use this?

NIVEA Original Moisture Body Lotion is designed for dry to very dry skin. Its extra nourishing formula provides deep hydration that dry skin craves.

Does it leave skin feeling greasy?

No, the quick-absorbing formula does not leave skin feeling greasy or sticky. It spreads easily and leaves a light, silky finish.

Can this be used on hands as well?

Yes, this hydrating body lotion absorbs quickly and is ideal for very dry hands. The convenient pump makes it easy to dispense just the right amount.

Experience Deep, Long-Lasting Hydration

Banish dry, flaky skin for good with NIVEA Original Moisture Body Lotion. Its nourishing, 48-hour formula provides intense hydration that lasts. Skin feels touchably soft and smooth all day long. Rediscover the simple joys of silky, comfortable skin with NIVEA.


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