Color Your Roots Like A Pro – Hair Dye Applicator Bottles For Precise Root Touch-Ups At Home



Tired of messy and imprecise root touch-ups? Introducing our innovative Hair Dye Applicator Bottles designed to help you color your roots with salon-like precision in the comfort of your own home.

These clever applicator bottles allow you to target just your roots and regrowth for cleaner and more professional results. The unique comb design enables you to section your hair and saturate just your roots without any mess or waste.

Made of lightweight yet durable plastic, our applicator bottles feature:

  • Convenient pump handles allow you to control and direct the dye flow
  • Graduated scale for easily measuring out dye
  • Angled comb nozzles to precisely target roots
  • Drip-free, no-mess application

Whether you’re touching up your blonde highlights or covering grays, our applicator bottles take the hassle out of DIY root touch-ups. The hassle-free design allows you to quickly color roots in between salon visits. No more stained hands or messy clean up.

The 2 pack is perfect for keeping one at home and one handy in your travel bag. Take salon-quality root coloring with you wherever you go.

Order now and revolutionize the way you color and touch up your roots at home. Our applicator bottles will give you pretty, professional results without the hassle and mess.


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