Bring Some Glam to Your Look with These Wispy Mink Lashes!



Make a Statement with Beautiful, Full Lashes in Seconds!

Sick of spending hours carefully applying mascara only to still be left with short, sparse lashes? What about rubbing your eyes and ending up with raccoon eyes from smudged mascara? If you’re ready to elevate your look with lush, dramatic lashes in seconds, it’s time to try Teenitor’s Wispy Mink False Lashes!

These high-quality mink-effect lashes are designed to be lightweight, reusable, and easy to apply for gorgeous lashes in an instant. The thin, flexible lash band sits comfortably along your lash line, while the fluttery, criss-crossed fibers create striking length, volume, and curl that looks completely natural. Whether you’re looking to amp up your everyday makeup routine or take your glam to the next level for a night out, these faux mink lashes make getting a salon-worthy look easy and affordable.

What Makes These Lashes Stand Out:

Mink-Effect Fibers: Made from premium synthetic fibers designed to mimic mink fur’s soft texture and lightweight feel. The tapered criss-cross pattern and varied lengths create natural-looking fullness and dimension.
Reusable Band: The clear thin band flexes to contour along your lash line for comfortable wear. Gentle latex-free adhesive stays put all day or night but peels off easily so you can get multiple wears from each set.
Natural Looking: Shorter fibers at the inner corner transition seamlessly into longer, fluttery lengths moving outward. This graduated shape blends with your natural lashes for a subtle enhancement.
Lightweight & Comfortable: The super-fine hairs are undetectable on your lids. You’ll forget you’re even wearing falsies! No heavy dragging or uncomfortable poking.
DIY False Lash Kit: Comes with 5 pairs of wispy mink-effect lashes, lash applicator, scissors, 5 brushes, and adhesive for everything you need to apply them like a pro.
How to Get a Show-Stopping Look:

Ever struggle to get false lashes on straight or have them lifting at the corners? We’ve got you covered! Follow these simple steps for flawless application:

Use lash adhesive (included) and wait 30 seconds until tacky.
With the applicator (included), place the lash band down on your natural lash line, starting at the center and pressing outward.
Press down firmly at the inner and outer corners to secure.
Use the lash brush (included) to blend your natural lashes into the falsies.
Once the adhesive dries, the lashes should stay in place comfortably all day/night!
Customizable Length and Volume:

While the full strip lashes create eye-opening width, you can also cut them into smaller sections for added flexibility. Snip a few clusters from the outer half of the lash strip to amp up volume at the outer corners. Or cut the full strip in half for accent lashes that add length and fullness just at the outer halves of your eyes. Get creative with the styling!

Next-Level Lashes for Every Occasion:

Picture yourself batting these fluttery faux mink lashes confidently on:

A big date where you want to look extra special
Wedding and bridal events – say bye to mascara smudges!
Photoshoots for striking eyes that dazzle the camera
Parties, festivals, and nights out when you want to turn heads
Performances and presentations to make your eyes mesmerizing
Any day you want an instant eye-opening, bright-eyed boost!
Experience salon-worthy lashes in the comfort of your home. Elevate everyday looks or create show-stopping glam for special events with these wispy mink-effect false lashes. The reusable, lightweight strips apply in seconds for eye-catching length and fullness. Plus, the DIY kit provides everything you need for easy application and customizable looks. Bat those fluttery falsies and get ready to turn heads!


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