Arr! Enjoy 20/20 Vision with Oarkive’s Pirate Eye Patches



With our versatile pirate eye patches, you can set sail for clear vision and comfortable wear whether on land or at sea! These medical eye patches provide functional solutions for eye care, costumes, and imaginative pirate adventures.

Our pirate masks boast ultra-soft materials and adjustable elastic bands, ensuring a perfect fit for scallywags ages 3 to 93. The gentle, padded interior contours to your face without pinching or chafing.

For vision training, our blackout design guarantees complete light blockage, allowing focused eye therapy. The total occlusion ensures optimal lazy eye treatment so ye can go from arrrgh to ahoy in no time! No more peeking out of this high-quality eye patch.

While me hearties train their sea legs, our durable pirate patches withstand hours of swashbuckling fun. The medical-grade materials hold their shape wash after wash. Though tougher than biscuits, these first-rate eye patches remain a bargain.

So whether you’re playing pirate, protecting an injury, or patching a peeper, set sights on our comfortable, effective pirate eye patches. Pick up a few for your crew so you can sail off in style. Yo ho ho!


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