Accentuate Your Eyes with MLEN DIARY Manga Lash Clusters!



MLEN DIARY Manga Lash Clusters Kit – The Secret to Making Your Eyes Pop with 120 Wispy Cat Eye Lashes!

Do you want to make your eyes the center of attention with fluttery, romantic manga lashes? Look no further than the MLEN DIARY Manga Lash Clusters Kit! This kit contains 120 wispy cat eye lashes in multiple lengths and curls to help you achieve any eye look you desire.

With a revolutionary wide band design, these lashes go on fast and flawlessly. Simply apply 4-6 clusters at a time for full, face-framing lashes in minutes. The handmade knot-free bands are made from soft, lightweight PBT material that feels weightless on your lids. No more poking, scratching plastic bands of cheaper strips! The MLEN DIARY lashes are silky smooth and very comfortable for all day wear.

Choose from 9-12mm lengths in natural, wispy and glam styles. Customize each eye with the perfect clusters for your eye shape. Accent the corners with medium length, graduated lashes fanning outwards. Apply the longer 12mm dramatic clusters just on the outer corners for a sexy cat eye. Or create bold anime eyes with fullvolume lashes along the entire lash line. The possibilities are endless!

The proprietary multidirectional D curl design blends these falsies seamlessly with your natural lashes. It looks like your real lashes went on a magical supermodel makeover! But the secret stays between you and your mirror. No one but you will know you’re wearing falsies – they’ll just assume you won the genetic lottery with naturally long, curled lashes!

Get that coveted doll-eyed look popularized by Japanese manga. These fluttery lashes are perfect for cosplay costumes and anime conventions too. Become Sailor Moon with some moon princess lashes!

What’s Included in the Kit:

20 clusters of 9-10mm Natural Lashes – Ideal for everyday wear
30 clusters of 10-11mm Wispy Lashes – Fluttery wisps for added glam
30 clusters of 11-12mm Bold Lashes – Amp up the volume and drama!
20 clusters of 12mm Cat Eye Lashes – Sexy crossover style for feline eyes
20 clusters of Color Lashes – Take your look to the next level!
With this incredible variety, you can create any eye look for any occasion! Daily glam, date night seduction, red carpet celebrity – no matter the event, your eyes will be dazzling with these lashes.

Get the convenience of customizable strips with the artistry of individual flare mink lashes. You get the best of both worlds – easy application, customization and high-end luxury. No wonder these MLEN DIARY lashes are such a hot item!

Japanese manga and anime have taken the world by storm in recent years. This eyelash kit lets you emulate the unique style of exaggerated anime eyes. Cosplayers use these to complete costumes of popular characters. Or just use them to spice up your daily makeup routine.

Enhance your natural beauty with false lashes designed for comfort and ease:

Wide latex-free lash band is gentle on lids
Light as air & smooth on the skin – no poking!
12mm length for drama, 9mm for naturals
Handmade knot-free for feathery soft texture
Multidirectional curl blends seamlessly
PBT material is durable & long lasting
120 lashes total – endless options to mix and match!
Experience next level eye makeup artistry with the beloved MLEN DIARY Manga Lash Clusters Kit. Order now and your kits ships free! Transform your look with fluttery glam lashes you can apply in minutes!


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