50 Cent Power by Curtis Jackson Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 oz



Feel the Power with this bold and energetic fragrance for men from hip hop icon Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson. Power explodes with a burst of fresh citrus and spices, settling into an empowering woody base. Be confident, be bold, and make your presence known with Power.

Top Notes:
The fragrance opens with a shot of fresh lemon leaves and zesty black pepper. The sharp citrus immediately grabs your attention, while the pepper adds a kick of spice.

Heart Notes:
As the scent evolves, deep aromas emerge. A trio of rich heart notes forms the core of Power’s appeal. Dark woods evoke strength and tradition, while earthy coriander and nutmeg provide warmth and complexity.

Base Notes:
Finishing off the fragrance are base notes of patchouli, oak moss, and musk. The patchouli lends Power an earthiness, with subtle sweetness from the oak moss. Finally, the musk provides sensuality and staying power.

From top to bottom, Power is an exhilarating men’s fragrance. The bright citrus top notes command attention, while the spicy heart and woody base provide depth. Power is ideal for modern men who value confidence, ambition, and individuality.

When to Wear It:
Truly versatile, Power can be worn year-round for any occasion. The vibrant citrus notes make it perfect for warm weather, while the woods and spices give it enough weight for cooler temperatures. Wear it to the office to promote a bold, motivated attitude. Power also works great for a night out, whether you’re going on a date or hitting up the town with friends.

Who Can Wear It:
Power was made for driven, successful men who aren’t afraid to take risks and chase their dreams. Its bold DNA matches Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson’s own style and story. If you identify with 50 Cent’s entrepreneurial mindset, and want a scent to match, Power is for you. The fragrance works equally well for men in their 20s, 30s, and beyond.

Gift Giving:
With its sleek bottle and celebrity name, Power makes an excellent gift. Consider Power for birthdays, holidays, Father’s Day, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, weddings, and graduations. Both 50 Cent fans and fragrance enthusiasts will appreciate this classy yet edgy scent.

Power Up Your Fragrance Collection

In the world of hip hop, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson is an icon known for his fearless style and unmatched hustle. Now with Power by 50 Cent, he’s brought that same attitude to the fragrance world. If you’re looking for a bold, energetic scent that commands respect, put Power at the top of your list.

The Name Says It All

One spritz of this eau de toilette immediately makes it clear why it’s called Power. The invigorating citrus and spice notes grab your attention right away. As the scent develops, you’ll feel empowered by the deep woods and earthy aromas. From top to bottom, Power lives up to its name.

Premium Ingredients

While Power projects strength and confidence, it’s also carefully crafted from quality ingredients. Citrus fruits and spices are blended seamlessly with rugged woods. At the base, oak moss and musk provide staying power with subtle sweetness. The result is a complete fragrance you can rely on for all-day wear.

Bold, Yet Refined

Some strong, masculine fragrances can be overwhelming. But Power manages to be bold without going overboard. The citrus notes give it an uplifting, energizing character. Rather than heavy or cloying, Power maintains a refined, sophisticated profile. This makes it office-friendly while still being edgy.

Bruno Jovanovic’s Master Touch

Power comes from the experienced nose of Bruno Jovanovic. As a master perfumer, Jovanovic artfully combined vibrant fruits with deep woods. The end result is layered and complex. Subtle nuances reward repeat wearings, keeping Power intriguing over time.

Built for Ambition

What drives 50 Cent’s music is the same fuel behind Power. Unapologetic confidence, fearless attitude, nonstop motivation. Wearing Power will ignite your inner hustle. Use it to start your day feeling focused and driven. The uplifting citrus notes will get you going, while the empowering woods keep you on track.

Affordable Luxury

You don’t need a platinum record to afford Power. Priced accessibly, Power delivers a luxurious scent profile. The sleek bottle design also punches above its class. Power offers the style and performance of a high-end fragrance, without the extreme price tag.

Take your fragrance collection to the next level with Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson’s Power. Energizing citrus meets empowering woods for a bold, ambitious scent. Fearless and complex, Power lives up to its name.


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