Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of simple, pure, and natural ingredients to nourish skin and promote a clear, calm, balanced complexion. We formulate our products using meticulously sourced organic extracts, oils, butters, and essences that soothe, hydrate, and rejuvenate sensitive skin.

At Bubble Skincare, gentle is best. All of our products are free of potential irritants like essential oils, fragrances, dyes, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, oxybenzone, and 100s more ingredients on our “No List.” We focus exclusively on safe, non-reactive components in therapeutic concentrations and aim for zero skin disruption.

We take care in each step of our production process – from sourcing, to small batch mixing, to quality control and testing – to preserve the integrity and efficacy of our plant-based ingredients. We optimize pH levels and ensure a non-comedogenic formulas that won’t clog pores or trigger acne.

Our delicately nourishing products balance skin and defend against redness, inflammation, dryness, and other sensitivity issues so your natural radiance can shine through. We believe healthy, happy skin is skin that feels comfortable in its own (water-retaining, even-toned, flawless) skin.

Our Commitments


We formulate all Bubble Skincare products to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We never test ingredients or formulas on animals, and we only use components free of animal byproducts. We adhere to ethical harvesting and extraction methods aligned with our environmental and human rights values.

Eco Values

We strive to uphold sustainable and eco-conscious practices across all business activities – from ingredient sourcing, to manufacturing, to packaging, even office operations. We launched a robust recycling program in 2022 to reduce waste along with solar panel installation to offset energy consumption in production. We optimize water usage efficiency in our lab and rely on plant-based/PCR packaging.

Inclusivity & Social Impact

Embracing diversity fuels innovation and positive change. We welcome all skin tones, types, identities and bodies in our community and make products to meet more needs. We founded Bubble to help more people comfortably “live in their skin.” Beyond these walls, we donate a portion of proceeds to programs advancing inclusion and wellness access.

Formula Transparency

You deserve to know every ingredient going onto your skin. We publish full formulas – never “proprietary blends”- and list all components on packaging. We screen rigorously for safety and disclose percentages. If an ingredient ever raises concern, we will remove immediately regardless of cost and impact to formulas/shelf life. Your trust and skin health are paramount.

How We’re Different

Specialized for Sensitivity

Most brands claim “sensitive skin-friendly” yet still rely on common irritants like fragrance and essential oils. We create NON-reactive formulas from the molecule up specifically for inflammation-prone skin. We avoid hundreds of ingredients on our No List. Our serums feature smaller molecules for deeper absorption without disruption. Everything nourishes while soothing.

Science-Backed Actives

Our formulations feature bioactive natural extracts and vitamins with clinical research demonstrating efficacy and skin benefits. We leverage botanicals renowned for soothing properties. Our lightweight textures enable proper absorption and bioavailability so key compounds penetrate where they are needed most – deep in skin cells. Everything works synergistically to transform skin gently.

Soothing First, Active Second

Many brands focus on trendy exotic extracts that sound impressive but can overwhelm sensitive skin. We formulate with sensitivity as priority one. Our botanicals calm and comfort before anything else. We layer in antioxidants and collagen boosters for anti-aging only after redness relief. This balanced, skin-aligned approach lets our formulas work long term WITHOUT inflammation.

Principles Before Profits

We are consumer advocates first, selling skincare second. We believe ingredient transparency, inclusive messaging, eco-friendly production and accessibility matter just as much as the formulas inside. That’s why we proactively reformulate as ingredient safety research evolves, speak out against false marketing claims from big brands, and try to keep our prices as affordable as possible.

Meet Our Team

In addition to Sarah and Emily Johnson our founders focused on formulation and branding respectively, Bubble Skincare has grown to an awesome team of 8 passionate skincare lovers. Get to know the full Bubbles crew:

Heather, Operations Manager

Heather keeps day-to-day production running smoothly so we can get products made consistently and efficiently. She streamlined our supply chain, established quality control testing, overhauled inventory management, and optimized output since joining in 2022. Heather’s past roles in aerospace engineering and manufacturing shaped her systems thinking approach. She loves developing solutions to business challenges on our Lean journey!

Fun facts: Heather has a twin sister, played volleyball through college, and adopts senior dogs. She swears by our Hemp Honey Balm to heal her pups’ skin issues.

Dylan, Digital Marketing Strategist

Dylan develops and executes strategy across all digital platforms – website, email, social media, advertising and more – to spread our sensitive skincare mission far and wide. He helped build Bubble’s online presence from scratch starting as an intern in 2021. Dylan still manages our Instagram and spearheaded partnerships with skin positive influencers who created custom educational content about using our products.

Fun Facts: Dylan performed stand-up comedy in college,acted in commercials, and makes electronic music. He has extremely reactive combination skin that hatred most products before discovering Bubble.

Mira, Lead Esthetician

Mira pioneered our Brew Bar concept offering personalized skincare consultations and custom product blending. With 15+ years in the skincare industry at luxury spas and retailers like Saks 5th Avenue, Mira enjoys working directly with clients to assess their skin, identify solutions, and demonstrate our product line’s transformative capabilities through samples, extractions, ingredient layering techniques and more.

Fun Facts: Mira teaches group fitness classes, speaks four languages, and loves horror films, jazz music and her cat Gizmo. Her specialty mask facials rejuvenate skin using ingredients like French clay and algae.

Ana and Luis, Production Technicians

This dynamic aunt-and-nephew duo handles small batch skincare production including mixing, bottling, labeling and packaging orders to send to fulfilment. They onboard all new hires for hands-on experience with how we bring products to life before letting them near the beloved KitchenAid! Ana has been with Bubble since our earliest kitchen experiments while Luis joined when we moved operations out of Sarah’s house.

Fun Facts: Ana and Luis host huge family gatherings featuring their delicious homemade empanadas. Ana loves Zumba; Luis plays soccer and video games. They enjoy experimenting with botanical skincare mixes at home using Bubble ingredients and tools.

Dr. Greene, Scientific Advisor

While not officially on staff, Dr. Eric Greene provides key consultations about product development, testing methodologies, claims validation, and advancing our mission of gentler, simpler skincare. He shares insights on emerging research about botanical compounds, anything microbioimmunology skincare related, debunking industry myths and fear-mongering pseudo-science. We appreciate his candor and guidance!

Fun Facts: Dr. Greene loves exceeding patient expectations at his allergy dermatology practice using integrative eastern medicine techniques. He forages wild edible plants, makes unique ferments and wins neighborhood BBQ smoke-offs.

While small, our Mighty Bubbles team represents a wealth of knowledge and passion for sensitive skincare. Our diverse experiences unite us behind a common mission. We can’t wait to contiue this journey transforming skin stories (and making friends along the way)!